Class B participate in Glendive Elk's Invitational

“It is fun to see some different athletes. We have so much snow sitting around in our area, we had to travel a ways just to get in a meet and this is only our second meet of the year… A lot of personal best today and real close to state qualifying effort so that is what we were trying to do today and just to see where we are at," Trinity head coach Craig Kovash said.

33 teams, including 10 from North Dakota competed at the track and field invite at the Oakland Athletic Complex in Glendive, Montana on Thursday, April 28.
Josiah C. Cuellar / The Dickinson Press

GLENDIVE, M.T. — Dawson County High School opened their Elk’s track and field invitation to North Dakota high schools that were in need of a solution to the piles of snow left from April’s pair of snow storms.

The track meet had 33 teams participate and was held Thursday at the Oakland Athletic Complex.

Out of the 33 teams, 10 of them came from North Dakota. Dawson County’s track coach Tom Temple said that they have maintained strong ties with North Dakota and couldn't refuse any of the teams from participating.

For some of the schools, it was their first track meet of the year with less than a month remaining in the season.

Nine Class B track and field programs travel to Montana to escape snowy conditions and participate in the Elk's invitational at the Oakland Athletic Complex on Thursday, April 28.
Josiah C. Cuellar / The Dickinson Press

“It was a little overwhelming because I knew it was going to be a big undertaking, especially when you have over a hundred athletes in certain events,” Temple said. “Today, we had 27 heats of the 100 (meters), 24 heats in the 200. That puts a lot of tax on some of the workers I have because we are all getting older… We are kind of in that situation where finding workers is kind of hard, but we just said, ‘We're going to do it for the kids.’”


Nine of the North Dakota teams are in the Class B division, but the sole Class A team was Williston, who placed first in team score for the boys and girls with 302 and 178.

From Class B boys, Dickinson, Trinity and Bowman County held their own among the Montana teams, earning personal records and top 10 placement. Titans took third place in boys with 100 points and the Bulldogs finished in sixth with 76.

“It is fun to see some different athletes,” Trinity head coach Craig Kovash said. “We have so much snow sitting around in our area, we had to travel a ways just to get in a meet and this is only our second meet of the year… A lot of personal best today and real close to state qualifying effort so that is what we were trying to do today and just to see where we are at.”

Beach, being located near the border of the two states, has a more familiarity with some of the Montana teams, but their coach Mike Zier understood the uniqueness of the situation. The spring winter weather will be something to remember for Zier, saying that in all his time at Beach, he doesn't recall a season with as much inside practice as this year.

“You have teams from all the way from Elgin, North Dakota to Billings, Montana, so that is a big stretch of teams and schools,” Zier said. “And that is exciting because how often does someone from Beach get to compete with someone from Billings Central.”

The Buccaneers had a decent outing with their senior runner Chance Manhart qualifying for the 400. His time in the race was 53.05 and resulted with him taking the bronze. Dickinson Trinity sophomore followed closely behind and is on the cusp of qualifying with his time being 52.92.

Junior Tyra Feldman also set a personal record in the girl’s 400 meters with a time of 1:04.12 garnering her seventh place.

Trinity’s senior Dawson Wilson took gold in the 800 meters, while setting a personal best at 17.13 and helped the boys take second in the 4x400 relay.


Bowman County’s Hunter Rasmussen stood at top of the winner's podium in boys discus with a throw of 144-04.

On the girl's side of things, Trinity also found themselves in the top 10, along with Mott-Regent-New England and Bowman County.

The Bulldogs’ senior Alison Hoff made a big impact in field events, claiming first place in discus (111-09) and second in shot put (36-01.50).

Mott-Regent-New England’s sophomore Sophie Olsonawski also collected first place, setting a season record in the 800 meters with a of 2:35.04.

The Class A Williston Coyotes were the victors at the Elk's Invitational on Thursday, April 28.
Josiah C. Cuellar / The Dickinson Press

Team Scores:


1. Williston, 302; 2. Dawson County, 302; 3. Scobey, 58; 4. Baker, 40; 5. Savage, 37.2; 6. Fairview, 33.2; 7. Dickinson Trinity, 29; 8. Mott/Regent-New England, 23; 9. Custer County, 22; 10. Bowman County 22, 11. Circle,12, Grant County-Flasher, 13. Dawson County, 14. Sidney, 15. Culbertson , 16. Lickwood, 17. Billings Central Catolic, 18.Glen Ullin -Hebron, 19. Wolf Point 20. Killdeer, 21.Richarton-Taylor , 22. BEach , Bettinger Scanton


1. Williston, 178; 2. Plentywood, 164; 3. Scobey, 116; 4. Baker, 80; 5. Savage, 74.4; 6. Fairview, 66.4; 7. Dickinson Trinity, 58; 8. Mott/Regent-New England, 46; 9. Custer County, 44; 10. Bowman County, 44; 11. Circle,40; 12. Grant County-Flasher, 38; 13. Dawson County, 34; 14. Sidney, 30.4; 15. Culbertson , 16. 28; Lockwood, 28; 17. Billings Central Catholic, 24; 18.Glen Ullin -Hebron, 24. 19. Wolf Point, 20; 20. Killdeer, 8.8; 21. Richarton-Taylor, 6; 22. Beach, 2; 23. Hettinger Scanton, 2.


Boys 400 Meters top 10:

1. Clay Oven,51.79, Billings Central Catholic; 2. Isiah St. Romain, 51.86a (PR) Williston; 3. Chance Manhart, 52.05 (SR) Beach; 4. Luke Shobe, 52.92 (SR), Dickinson Trinity; 5. Riley Cline, 53.14, Custer County; 6. Jessup Pederson, 54.18 (SR), Dupree; 7. Hunter Bailey, 54.24 (SR), Baker; 8. Nathan Kaufman, 54.38, Mott/Regent-New England; 9. Tristan Appleton, 54.87, (PR), Lockwood; 10. Ethan Hendrickson, 54.99 (PR), Killdeer


Boys 110m Hurdles top 10:

1. Dawson Wilson, 17.13a (PR), Dickinson Trinity; 2. Zachary Welch, 17.13 (PR), Custer County; 3. Hudson Chandler, 17.29 (PR), Plentywood, 4. Isaac Jaggi, 18.03 (PR), Killdeer; 5. Carson Massey, 18.19, Bowman County; 6. Robert Bartz, 18.25 (SR), Richardton-Taylor, 7. Jesse Isaacs, 18.28(PR), Custer County; 8. Dominic Tibor, 18.63 (SR), Dickinson Trinity; 9. Aiden Zugg, 18.66 (PR), Williston; 10. Wyatt Isaacs, 18.74, Custer County

Boys Discus top 10:

1. Hunter Rasmussen, 144-04 (SR), Bowman County; 2. Hunter Sharbono, 141-08, Fairview; 3.Wyatt Ottmar, 137-11(PR), Grant County/Flasher; 4.Cooper Hofer, 136-11, Savage; 5.Garrett Lesh, 130-11 (PR), Baker; 6.Ethan Jepson, 129-05 (SR), Killdeer; 7.Cameron Brusven, 123-11 (PR), Plentywood; 8.Philip Haynes, 122-11 (PR), Scobey, 9. Ben Knopp,122-08, Bowman County; 10.Aiden Perkins, 118-00 (PR), Culbertson

Boys Javelin top 10:

1. Cameron Brusven, 197-06 (PR), Plentywood; 2. Nathan Kaufman, 163-03, Mott/Regent-New England; 3. Romeo Alvarez, 160-03 (PR), Williston; 4. Jerome Entz, 160-03 (PR), Sidney; 5. Adam Balkenbush, 153-03, Billings Central Catholic; 6. Jaren Knows His Gun, 146-05 (PR), Lockwood; 7.Bowden Hasbrock, 144-09 (PR), Hettinger-Scranton; 8.Cody Hofer, 144-00 (PR), Billings Central Catholic; 9. Tyler Hansen, 142-01, Killdeer; 10. Ty Wiedrich, 140-03, Williston

Girl 400 Meters top 10:

1. Brooke Reuter, 1:00.44a (SR), Savage; 2.Helena Pavek, 1:01.90 (SR), Dickinson Trinity; 3. Mia Handran, 1:02.88 (PR), Scobey; 4. Annaleis Sloan, 1:03.77 (PR), Custer County; 5. Audrey Sampsen, 1:04.08 (PR); Plentywood ; 6. Dani Jordan, 1:04.12a (PR), Lockwood; 7.Tyra Feldmann. 1:04.51 (PR), Beach; 8.Emma Solberg, 1:04.84 (SR), Williston; 9.Jaylyn Klempel, 1:06.20, Richey-Lambert; 9.Jonica Taylor, 1:06.20 (PR), Circle

Girls 800 Meters top 10:

1. Sophie Olsonawski, 2:32.06 (SR), Mott/Regent-New England; 2. Mia Handran 2:35.04 (PR), Scobey; 3. Dani Jordan, 2:35.26 (PR), Lockwood; 4. Sierra Watterud, 2:35.62 (PR), Williston; 5. Dru Zander, 2:35.69 (PR), Williston, 6. Alyson Early, 2:38.38 (SR), Billings Central Catholic; 7. Marenn Larsen, 2:39.52 (PR), Williston, 8. Morgan Aune, 2:39.92 (SR), Richardton-Taylor, 9. Landyn Gerbig, 2:41.05, Bowman County,10. Ameerah Rosin, 2:41.60 (SR),Grant County/Flasher

Girls Discus top 10:

1. Alison Hoff, 111-09, Bowman County,

2. Emma Brensdal, 111-02.50 (PR), Plentywood; 3. Keziah Erickson, 105-01.50, Mott/Regent-New England; 4. Katherine Schneider, 97-01 (SR), Dickinson Trinity; 5. Christianna Wall, 95-08, Sidney; 6.Lainey Kucera, 94-05 (SR), Killdeer; 7. Scout Hopes, 93-09, Fairview, 8. Emily Nentwig, 93-00 (PR), Dawson County; 9. Ruth Crabtree, 92-02 (PR), Williston; 10. Gabriella Qualley, 91-03, Baker

Josiah C. Cuellar was born in San Angelo, Texas, a small rural community in the western part of the state known for its farming, ranching and beautiful Concho River. A Texas A&M San Antonio graduate specializing in multi-media reporting, Cuellar is an award winning photographer and reporter whose work focuses on community news and sports.
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