Cougars girls golf earns fourth at state meet

CARRINGTON -- The Heart River girls golf team wanted a state title, but head coach Kirby Robb said they can be proud of fourth place.The Cougars shot a two-day score of 387-380--767 to take fourth at CrossRoads Golf Club during the Class B state ...

CARRINGTON - The Heart River girls golf team wanted a state title, but head coach Kirby Robb said they can be proud of fourth place.
The Cougars shot a two-day score of 387-380-767 to take fourth at CrossRoads Golf Club during the Class B state girls golf tournament on Wednesday. South Border won the state meet with a 357-371-728 while Fargo Oak Grove was runner-up with a 364-369-733.
“We had our chances,” Robb said. “We made some shots that kind of cost us. … Our goal was to win it, but we didn’t really play well in the first day. They all made mistakes in the first day that cost them.”
Freshman Katie Keator led the Cougars with a score of 89-90-179 for eighth place. With her performance, she earned all-state honors.
“It’s pretty exciting,” Robb said. “She’s my first freshman all-stater. … She needed to par on the last hole and she would be an all-state, and she did. It’s exciting. (The team was) happy for her.”
Heart River used every one of its scorers for the final team score. The Cougars consisted of Brittni Krance with an 89-90-179, Bayli Krance with a 96-103-199, Laynee Kudrna with a 104-97-201, Campbell Clarys with a 120-132-252 and Kenadee Kudrna with a one-day score of 97.
“I thought we played really well,” Robb said. “It was actually pretty exciting over the last couple holes.”
Though it was rainy for the second day of the meet, Robb said he was hoping his team would be more prepared than others.
“They were wearing their rain gloves and clothes, which they're not really used to,” Robb said. “But everyone played in the same conditions, so nobody really had an advantage. Course knowledge helps, and that’s only the second time we’ve played there in three years.”
Heart River was three strokes away from third-place Hazen out of Region 5. Hazen ended up with a 383-381-764 and was led by individual runner-up and all-state golfer Bethany Leier’s 80-83-163. Bowman County, also out of Region 5, shot a 399-393-792 and was led by seventh place and all-state honoree Kaitlyn Hill with an 89-85-174.
“It’s kind of good shootout. Three of our teams in the region were all in there,” Robb said. “We all have a close region. It kind of makes you proud that all three region teams can compete. Once it’s over, you’re all still proud of them.”
Robb added that each of the girls carried each other, not just for this tournament, but the entire year. Overall, he felt his team performed well.
“It was a very successful season. I'm really happy. I told them it’s fourth place in the state. You’ve got to be proud of that,” Robb said. “They didn’t get a trophy, but you've still got to be proud of that.
“I’m just very proud them. It’s a successful year. You get a good group of girls that can get together and play.”

Team scores
1, South Border 357-371-728. 2, Fargo Oak Grove 364-369-733. 3, Hazen 383-381-764. 4, Heart River 387-380-767. 5, Linton-Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock 388-392-780. 6, Langdon 388-400-788. 7, Kindred 404-385-789. 8, Bowman County 399-393-792. 9, New Town 403-401-804. 10, Northern Lights 399-415-814. 11, Garrison-Max 406-412-818. 12, Hankinson-Lidgerwood-Fairmount-Campbell-Tintah 419-402-821. 13, Central Cass 418-423-841. 14, Bottineau 422-423-845. 15, Watford City 449-422-871. 16, Des Lacs-Burlington 454-461-915. 17, Park River-Fordville-Lankin 476-448-924. 18, North Star 487-482-969.
Top 50 (top 10 all-state)
1, Emily St. Aubin, South Border, 80-78-158. 2, Bethany Leier, Hazen, 80-83-163. 3, Kaitlyn Hubrig, HLFCT, 84-84-168. 4, Madeline Braaten, Kindred, 88-81-169. 5, Krystal Ratzlaff, Langdon, 86-85-171. 6, Lauren Cain, OG, 89-83-172. 7, Kaitlyn Hill, BC, 89-85-174. 8, Katie Keator, HR, 89-90-179. 9, Sierra Rensch, New Town, 89-91-180. 10, Amber Muir, OG, 88-93-181. 11, Kate Long, NGS, 87-96-183. 12, Jayden Romfo, Langdon, 94-90-184. 13T, Hope Froshavg, NT, 94-91-185. 13T, Sydnie Saewert, CC, 94-91-185. 15, Madison Braaten, SB, 89-97-186. 16T, McKayla Kautzman, Western Morton County, 92-96-188. 16T, Brooke Peterson, BC, 91-97-188. 18T, Sienna Bosch, LHMB, 90-99-189. 18T, Courtney Martinson, OG, 94-95-189. 18T, Morgan Gallagher, SB, 90-99-189. 21, Bethany Oster, Hazen, 94-96-190. 22T, Mackenzie Jacobson, GM, 97-94-191. 22T, Anna Vetter, LHMB, 97-94-191. 24, Morgan Tomchuk, Beulah, 96-96-192.
25T, Jocelyn Braunberger, NL, 94-99-193. 25T, Megan Neameyer, Hazen, 95-98-193. 27T, Brittni Krance, HR, 98-96-194. 27T, Jessica McKay, OG, 93-101-194. 29T, Abby McCanley, Watford City, 99-96-195. 30, Megan McNamee, Larimore, 99-97-196. 31, Kelsea McDowell, GM, 96-101-197. 32T, Amanda Roller, OG, 101-98-199. 32T, Bayli Krance, HR, 96-103-199. 32T, Leah Vikander, Kindred, 100-99-199. 32T, Cassidy Will, LHMB, 101-98-199. 36T, Kendra Foreman, Watford, 106-94-200. 36T, Megan Olson, Bottineau, 99-100-200. 38T, Laynee Kudrna, HR, 104-97-201. 38T, Sierra Graff, Kindred, 102-99-201. 38T, Bailey Hulm, LHMB, 100-101-201. 41T, Karlee Schmitt, Hazen, 102-100-202. 41T, Rachel Rueb, SB, 98-104-202. 43T, Abby Bristol, Bottineau, 106-97-203. 43T, Maddie Wilkie, NL, 101-102-203. 43T, Kellie Huschle, North Star, 103-100-203. 43T, Brook Gilstad, SB, 106-97-203. 43T, Gabbie Wilkie, NL, 98-105-203. 48T, Sydney Huus, Carrington, 105-99-204. 48T, Hannah Obrigewitch, Beulah, 104-100-204.

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