Dickinson Classic: Midgets send 5 to semifinals

Little makes Dickinson High happier than sending five wrestlers to the semifinals of its own tournament. The No. 9-ranked Midgets sit in a tie for second place with West Region rival Williston with 91 points after the first day of the Dickinson C...

Michael Cherwinski
Press Photo by Royal McGregor Dickinson High junior Michael Cherwinski grapples with junior Garrett Pronto of Wolf Point, Mont., en route to pinning him Friday afternoon during the Dickinson Classic wrestling tournament at the DHS gymnasium.

Little makes Dickinson High happier than sending five wrestlers to the semifinals of its own tournament.

The No. 9-ranked Midgets sit in a tie for second place with West Region rival Williston with 91 points after the first day of the Dickinson Classic on Friday at the DHS gymnasium.

"We came out and wrestled tough the first couple of rounds," Dickinson co-head coach Pete Dobitz said. "We're real happy with where we are sitting in the tournament."

Turtle Mountain, ranked fifth in the state, leads the 16-team field with 107.5 points. Dickinson and Williston are in a tie for second, while Hardin (Mont.) has 90 points. The tournament concludes today, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The Midgets defeated Turtle Mountain 36-31 in a dual on Thursday and Jace Dukart, a junior at 182 pounds, said the team is brimming with confidence.


"In the past couple years, Turtle Mountain has always beat us," Dukart said. "Finally beating them, gave us confidence to wrestle hard."

Dickinson's five wrestlers in the semifinals are Dukart, sophomore Austin Hutzenbiler (113), freshman Jaret Lee (113), junior Devin Berger (126) and senior Michael Dobitz (152). Lee, who had been facing wrestlers at 120 during duals, is wrestling unattached at 113.

"We have five guys in the semis right now and that's more than we've had in the past," Pete Dobitz said. "Hutzenbiler and Berger have been wrestling really well. All in all it looks really good for us."

The Midgets do hold a first place in one area -- pins. Dickinson has nine pins with a total time of 16 minutes, 31 seconds. Berger, Dobitz, Hutzenbiler and Dukart each have one pin, while sophomore Clayton Tangen (145) and junior Michael Cherwinski (160) each have two. Freshman Ashton Schatz (heavyweight), senior Jacob Shypkowski (160) and Jesus LeBaron (126) each had one pin.

"It's a great feeling when a handful of guys can make it to the semifinals," Berger said.

The Midgets only had one wrestler lose out in double-elimination tournament. Dukart said everyone on the team is competing at a high caliber heading into the middle part of the season.

"It's a great feeling in our home tournament, trying to impress our crowd," Dukart said. "We a pretty good team this year."

Semifinals matches start around 11 a.m. Pete Dobitz said the second day isn't just about wrestling tough, but mental toughness comes into play.


"Tomorrow we are going to find out where mental and physical toughness are going to come into play," he said. "After two days of hard wrestling and now you are into the third day, we'll find out the physical part, but the mental part too."

Team scores: Turtle Mountain 107.5, Dickinson 91, Williston 91, Hardin (Mont.) 90, Dawson County (Mont.) 89.5, Minot 89, Fargo South 87.5, Mandan 78.5, Bismarck St. Mary's 62, Lemmon (S.D.) 56, Bismarck High 51.5, Watford City 50, Custer County (Mont.) 16, Belle Fourche (S.D.) 10, Wolf Point (Mont.) 10, Circle (Mont.) 0.


First round: Marvin Berry, FS, pin. Cameron Fladland, Circle, :26; Ryan Zachmeier, Mandan, forfeit over Alex Eaton, DC; Torrie Watts, CC, pin. Jade Hepper, WC, 1:58; Jonathan Fraase, Unattached, pin. Dustin Baker, TM, :30; Austin Luther, W, pin. Cody Tupper, BF, 5:50; Dirk Wolf, Lemmon, pin. Matthew Schaffner, SM, 1:14. Consolation second round: Cade Haugen, D, dec. Schaffner, 9-2; Baker dec. Watts, 9-3; Fraase forfeit over Hepper; Luther tech. fall Fladland, 16-0. Quarterfinals: Berry maj. dec. Haugen, 12-2; Zachmeier maj. dec. Watts, 10-0; Taylor Nein, Bismarck, tech. fall Fraase, 18-0; Wolf pin. Luther, 5:11. Consolation quarterfinals: Luther, W, vs. Fraase, unattached; Baker, TM, vs. Haugen, D. Today's semifinals: Berry, FS, vs. Zachmeier, Mandan; Nein, Bismarck, vs. Wolf, Lemmon.


First round: Trey Sokoloski, Unattached, pin. Bailey Lawrence, BF, 4:44; Alex Hoffman, Bismarck, pin. Koley Schmidt, CC, 3:05. Consolation second round: Lawrence dec. James, 9-7; Longie pin. Schmidt, 3:31. Quarterfinals: Marlo Bell, FS, pin. Sokoloski, :35; Jaret Lee, Unattached, tech. fall Christopher Longie, TM, 16-0; Hoffman dec. Caydon Cymbaluk, Mandan, 8-1; Austin Hutzenbiler, D, pin. Anthony James, DC, 2:51. Consolation quarterfinals: Lawrence, BF, vs. Cymbaluk, Mandan; Longie, TM, vs. Sokoloski, unattached. Today's semifinals: Bell, FS, vs. Lee, unattached; Hoffman, B, vs. Hutzenbiler, D.


Quarterfinals: Terry LaVallie, TM, pin. Patrick Farrell, W, :48; Brandon Zachmeier, Mandan, ,maj. dec. Logan Gumke, WC, 12-2; Patrick Wilson, Lemmon, pin. Cody Bilbrey, 3:29; Tate Barnhardt, SM, pin. Chandler Metcalf, 1:24. Consolation quarterfinals: Gumbke maj. dec. Farrell, 15-2; Bilbrey pin. Metcalf, 3:53. Today's semifinals: LaVallie, TM, vs. Zachmeier, Mandan; Wilson, Lemmon, vs. Barnhardt, SM.



First round: Curt Zachmeier, Mandan, tech. fall Brandon Muhm, BF, 16-1; Logan Boese, Bismarck, dec. Tate Stortz, DC, 9-2; Austin Huck, SM, maj. dec. Hayden Rossol, unattached, 22-11; Rashidi Kikopa, FS, pin. Wyatt Smith, CC, 1:04; Grant Laducer, TM, tech. fall Jesus LeBaron, unattached, 15-0. Consolation second round: Coleton Jore, WC, pin. LeBaron, 4:35; Beau Bergeron, W, dec. Rossol, 4-1; Huck dec. Stortz, 9-8; Kikopa pin. Muhm, 3:57. Quarterfinals: Berger pin. Huck :39; Laducer pin. Kikopa, 1:04; Zachmeier tech. fall Jore 20-3; Boese dec. Bergeron, 9-2. Consolation quarterfinals: Bergeron, W, vs. Jore, WCl; Huck, SM, Kikopa, FS. Today's semifinals: Zachmeier, Mandan, vs. Boese, Bismarck; Berger, D, vs. Laducer, TM.


First round: Michael Bell, FS, tech. fall Robert Habiger, Bismarck, 16-0. Consolation second round: Shawn Leidholt, Custer, pin. Habiger, 2:29. Quarterfinals: Dillon Tennant, DC, pin. Britten Hausman, W, 2:20; Bell dec. Cayne Cymbaluk, Mandan, 6-4; Jesse Hoffart, Minot, pin. Leidholt, 3:30; Tyler Forcella, unattached, pin. Taylor Tupper, BF, 1:59. Consolation quarterfinals: Tupper, BF, vs. Leidholt, Custer; Cymbaluk, Mandan, vs. Hausman, W. Today's semifinals: Tennant, DC, vs. Bell, FS; Hoffart, Minot, vs. Forcella, unattached.


First round: Layne Lantis, DC, tech. fall Quincy Stormer, Circle, 15-0; Jon Lemon, HARDIN, pin. Damon Silveira, unattached, 3:47. Consolation second round: Silveira dec. Matthew Richter, unattached, 14-11; Lemon pin. Stormer, 1:27. Quarterfinals: Lantis tech. fall Richter, 19-3; Sammy Maisey, W, dec. Gabe Nehlsen, Minot, 6-3; Eugene Fleetwood, TM, pin. Bryant Dorn, Hardin, 3:53; Dane Fischer, SM, pin. Lemon, 3:18. Consolation quarterfinals: Nehlsen, Minot, vs. Silveira, TM; Lemon, Hardin, vs. Dorn, Hardin. Today's semifinals: Lantis, DC, vs. Maisey, W; Fleetwood, TM, vs. Fischer, SM.


First round: Tyler Kinn, DC, pin. Jacob Schwab, SM, 3:41; Austin Garmann, WC, pin. Dillion Clark, D, 5:20; Dillon Beeler, unattached, pin. Tanner Bickford, 1:17; Garrett Horsmon, Wolf, pin. Wyatt Foulger, 3:50; Clayton Tangen, D, pin. Justin Bear Runner, unattached, :41. Consolation second round: Cole Campbell, Hardin, pin. Bear Runner, 2:31; Logan Rhode, FS, dec. Foulger, 5-0; Clark forfeit over, Horsmon; Tangen, pin. Schwab, 1:58. Quarterfinals: Kinn tech. fall Campbell 20-5; Garmann maj. dec. Rhode, 12-3; Beeler pin. Horsmon, 3:23; Cody Haugen, Minot, pin. Tangen, 1:45. Consolation quarterfinals: Rhode, FS, vs. Campbell, Hardin; Tangen, D, vs. Clark, unattached. Today's semifinals: Kinn, DC, vs. Garmann, WC; Beeler, unattached, vs. Haugen, Minot.



First round: Myrone Bell, FS, pin. Geraldo Fox, TM, 3:06; Michael Dobitz, D, pin. Max Wise, Custer, :45; Shawn Purcell, Hardin, pin. Troy Arneson, Circle, 1:57. Consolation second round: Arneson pin. Travis Kaufman, DC, :25; Brian Rabe, Minot, pin. Wise, :30; Fox pin. Purcell, 1:30. Quarterfinals: Bell pin. Kaufman, 3:44; Robert Richter, SM, dec. Rabe, 8-2; Dobitz maj. dec. Kegan Thompson, WC, 14-4; Adam Stein, Mandan, tech. fall Purcell, 16-1. Consolation quarterfinals: Rabe, Minot, vs. Kaufman, DC; Fox, TM, vs. Thompson, WC. Today's semifinals: Bell, FS, vs. Richter, SM; Dobitz, D, vs. Stein, Mandan.


First round: Paul Michaelson, W, tech. fall Zach Nagel, Minot, 20-4; Joe Nelson, WC, pin. Brek Laducer, TM, 2:48; Michael Cherwinski, D, pin. Garrett Pronto, Wolf, 2:38; Cody Hepper, FS, pin. Fred Wilkie, unattached, 5:12. Consolation second round: Trey Grumann, SM, pin. Wilkie, 1:31; Jacob Shypkowski, D, pin. Pronto, :46; Cherwinski pin. Laducer, 3:18; Nagel pin. Hepper, 2:33. Quarterfinals: Michaelson pin. Grumann, 3:15; Nelson pin. Shypkowski, 2:56; Levi Butkay, Hardin, pin. Cherwinski, 4:27; Cole Bilbrey, DC, pin. Hepper, 1:50. Consolation quarterfinals: Shypkowski, D, vs. Grumann, SM; Nagel, Minot, vs. Cherwinski, D. Today's semifinals: Michaelson, W, vs. Nelson, WC; Butkay, Hardin, vs. Bilbrey, DC.


Quarterfinals: Ron Azure, TM, dec. Tanner Delp, Hardin, 11-9; Casey Fredericks, Hardin, dec. Tyler Kutzler, DC, 4-1; Konnor Peterson, Mandan, pin. Jacob Brooke, D, 3:44. Consolation quarterfinals: Brooke, D, vs. Kutzler, DC. Today's semifinals: Markus Noeske, W, vs. Azure, TM; Fredericks, Hardin, Peterson, Mandan.


First round: Dayne Haman, Minot, pin. Ejay Stuen, :59; Steven Keeten, Hardin, pin. Trevor Short, unattached, 1:00; Brandon Rodriguez, TM, dec. Willie Sam, Bismarck, 6-5. Consolation second round: Sam pin. Nicholas Boechler, SM, 2:18; David Hopson, Wolf, pin. Short, 1:40; Rodriguez dec. Stuen, 7-6. Quarterfinals: Haman pin. Boechler, 1:19; Jace Dukart, D, pin. Hopson, 3:07; Keeten pin. Jake Solem, FS, 4:34; Alex Haaland, W, dec. Rodriguez, 5-4. Consolation quarterfinals: Hopson, Wolf, vs. Sam, Bismarck; Rodriguez, TM, vs. Solem, FS. Today's semifinals: Haman, Minot, vs. Dukart, D; Keeten, Hardin, vs. Haaland, W.



Quarterfinals: Joe Murdock, Hardin, pin. Benaiah Simburger, :32; Zach Corneliusen, unattached, pin. Joey Beach, Custer, :54; Waylon DeCoteau, TM, maj. dec. Kolton Hall, WC, 12-0; Brett Sandberg, W, pin. Austin Nagel, Minot, 1:28. Consolation quarterfinals: Nagel, Minot, vs. Hall, WC; Beach, Custer, vs. Simburger, Mandan. Today's semifinals: Murdock, Hardin, vs. Corneliusen, unattached; DeCoteau, TM, vs. Sandberg, W.


First round: Demetreus Roby, Minot, pin. Tyson Gonzales, BF, 1:43; Chris Mann, unattached, pin. Zack Zukowski, Hardin, 1:52. Consolation second round: Jackson Grad, SM, pin. Zukowski, :44; Mann pin. Gonzales, 2:04. Quarterfinals: Roby pin. Grad, 1:14; Cody Nielson, FS, pin. Jesse Rodriguez, TM, :43; Brandon Sandberg, W, pin. Alex Spilman, Mandan, 4:09; Brody Peterson, Lemmon, pin. Mann, 4:29. Consolation quarterfinals: Mann, unattached, vs. Spilman, Mandan; Rodriguez, TM, vs. Grad, SM. Today's semifinals: Roby, Minot, vs. Nielson, FS; Sandberg, W, vs. Peterson, Lemmon.


First round: Tyson Keplin, TM, pin. James Dancing Bull, unattached, 3:30; Ramero Salenas, Bismarck, pin. Ashton Schatz, D, 1:42; Isaiah Crowe, unattached, dec. Anthony Mann, W, 3-1. Consolation second round: Keplin pin. Mann, 1:44; Robert Becker, Hardin, dec. Dancing Bull, 4-2; Schatz pin. Laredo Hance, :34. Quarterfinals: Nick Nesdahl, Minot, dec. Keplin, 4-1; Garrett Clark, Lemmon, pin. Salenas, 3:45; Hunter Herbaugh, DC, pin. Hance, 3:27; Crowe dec. Becker, 5-1. Consolation quarterfinals: Becker, Hardin, vs. Schatz, D; Salenas, Bismarck, vs. Keplin, TM. Today's semifinals: Nesdahl, Minot, vs. Clark, Lemmon; Herbaugh, DC, vs. Crowe, unattached.

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