Dickinson gymnastics gets their 2021-22 season underway

The six-time defending state champions were back in action Friday night.

Elizabeth Karsky gets up high on the balance beam Friday, Dec. 3 at the VanElls Gym in Dickinson. (Race Archibald / The Dickinson Press)

The Dickinson Midgets gymnastics team hit the mat Friday night in their first meet of the season.

Mandan and Minot travelled west for the three-team event held in Dickinson, with the Midgets looking to get their season off to a good start.

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Rylee Olson on the bars Friday, Dec. 3 at the VanElls Gym in Dickinson. (Race Archibald / The Dickinson Press)

The six-time defending state champions competed in usual dominating fashion, sweeping all four events on their way to a team victory. Dickinson scored 148.900 points in first place, followed by 128.425 for Mandan in second and 125.200 for Minot in third.


Amy Fridley of Dickinson took home the all-around gold (37.700), winning two of the four events. She had the top score on the vault (9.775) and bars (9.775). She came in second on the floor exercise (9.250) and fifth on the beam (8.900)

The Midgets occupied the top three spots in all five categories. The closest anyone else came to the top spot was Mandan duo Kendal Blair and Jericah Lockner, who came in fourth and fifth in the vault, respectively.

Dickinson had the top five all-around finishers. Elizabeth Karsky was second (37.225), followed by Rylee Olson (36.500), Addison Fitterer (36.375), and Aspen Roadarmel (35.725).

Brooke Dolyniuk gets ready to dismount from the bars Friday, Dec. 3 at the VanElls Gym in Dickinson. (Race Archibald / The Dickinson Press)

The most dominant event for the Midgets came on the bars, where they had 11 of the top 12 finishers.


Dickinson will be back in action at home on Friday, Dec. 10.


1 - Dickinson, 148.900

2 - Mandan, 128.425

3 - Minot, 125,200



VAULT - 1. Amy Fridley, 9.775; 2. Elizabeth Karsky, 9.600; 3. Brooke Dolyniuk, 9.225; 4. Kendal Blair, Mandan, 9.025; 5. Jericah Lockner, Mandan, 9.000; 6. Rylee Olson, 8.900; T7. Brooklyn Wariner, Haley Conklin, Minot, 8.800.

BARS - 1. Fridley, 9.775; 2. Karsky, 9.600; 3. Aspen Roadarmel, 8.975; 4. Addison Fitterer, 8.900; 5. Wariner, 8.850; 6. Olson, 8.775; 7. Dolyniuk, 8.325; 8. Lockner, 8.000.

BEAM - 1. Fitterer, 9.650; 2. Olson, 9.500; 3. Karsky, 9.200; 4. Roadarmel, 9.000; 5. Fridley; 8.900; 6. Lockner, 8.500; 7. Conklin, 8.425; 8. Ashley Guzman, 8.325.

FLOOR - 1. Olson, 9.325; 2. Fridley, 9.250; 3. Roadarmel, 9.125; 4. Fitterer, 9.100; 5. Karsky, 8.825; 6. Lockner, 8.750; 7. Wariner, 8.725; 8. Conklin, 8.550.

ALL-AROUND - 1. Fridley, 37,700; 2. Karsky, 37.225; 3. Olson, 36.500; 4. Fitterer, 36.375; 5. Roadarmel, 35.725; 6. Locker, 34.250; 7. Dolyniuk, 33.900; 8. Wariner, 33.800.

Race Archibald is a former sports reporter with The Dickinson Press.
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