Dickinson High wrestling sees 4 place at Bismarck Rotary tournament

BISMARCK -- At one of the largest and most competitive tournaments the Dickinson High wrestling team will see all year, head coach Pete Dobitz said Saturday he was proud to see four wrestlers place at the Bismarck Rotary meet.

BISMARCK - At one of the largest and most competitive tournaments the Dickinson High wrestling team will see all year, head coach Pete Dobitz said Saturday he was proud to see four wrestlers place at the Bismarck Rotary meet.

“It was a good test,” he said. “You have 32-man brackets so you really had to wrestle your butt off to even get to the placing. It’s tough because you run into a buzzsaw by having three of the best teams in North Dakota here - Bismarck High, Bismarck Century and West Fargo - but you also have some great South Dakota teams here. There were multiple state placers in every bracket, so we had a really good showing.”

Senior Jaret Lee placed second at 152 pounds, junior Caden Haugen took seventh at 160 pounds, senior Rafael Lopez placed sixth in the 170-pound weight class and senior Justin Meyer took eighth at 195.

“We have three seniors and a junior in there, and they’be been through the battles here before,” Dobitz said. “For the young guys, they got their feet wet. They have to do this and go through it and learn from it.

Of the 31 teams in attendance, Dickinson placed 13th with 90 team points. Pierre (S.D.) won the team title with 238 points. Bismarck High was second with 208.5.


After all suffered a loss on Friday, Dobitz said Haugen, Meyer and Lopez all performed well with their opportunity in the consolation side of the bracket.

Haugen earned a 6-4 decision over Tyler Clapp of Dawson County (Mont.) to place seventh at his weight. Meyer lost a 3-1 bout against Logan Goulet of Grand Forks Red River at 195 pounds in his final match.

“Justin is coming out of his shell now, and we’re starting to see some good things,” Dobitz said.

In the match Lopez would have had to win to wrestle for third place at 170 pounds, Dobitz said Lopez led 5-0 before being turned around a few times and injuring a shoulder. Lopez lost by fall in 5 minutes to Matthew Rabe of Minot.

“We may have a strained rotator cuff on him now,” Dobitz said. “Everybody else that had been beaten up made it through in healthy fashion, but we have to keep an eye on (Lopez) and make sure it’s not worse than our first diagnosis.”

Lopez did not wrestle his next match. He medical defaulted out to take sixth place.

Lee lost by a 12-3 major decision in the championship match at 152 pounds to Billy Holtan of Carrington.

“I’ll tell you what, Holtan’s a dude,” Dobitz said. “He was the No. 1 seed in this tournament even though he’s Class B. He’s a dynamite wrestler, solid. No mistakes were made. You always look who that kid practices every day, and you go down one class and it’s Walker Carr, another state champion, who was in the championship at 145 pounds (Saturday). So those two go at each other every day. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in Jaret’s match. He wrestled hard. If they meet again, it might be different, but he had Jaret’s number today.”


Dobitz said he was also proud of his wrestlers that didn’t place, knowing that they got better just from having the experience at such a challenging tournament.

“This will only make them more prepared for region and state tournaments at the end of the year,” he said.


Team Scores

1. Pierre (S.D.) 238. 2. Bismarck 208.5. 3. Aberdeen (S.D.) 193.5. 4. West Fargo 166. 5. Carrington 155. 6. Sturgis (S.D.) 128. 7. Rapid City (S.D.) Central 117. 8. Minot 104.5. 9. Rapid City (S.D.) Stevens 110.5. 10. Watertown (S.D.) 99.5. 11. Mandan 93.5. 12. Wahpeton 92.5. 13. Dickinson 90. 14. Beulah 86.5. 15. Valley City 84.5. 16. (tie) Fargo Davies and Napoleon 80. 18. Century 76. 19. Glendive (Mont.) Dawson County 60. 20. Williston 59.5. 21. Sidney (Mont.) 56.5. 22. Jamestown 55. 23. Grand Forks Red River 53. 24. Fargo South 51.5. 25. Turtle Mountain 39.5. 27. St. Mary's 34.5. 28. Fargo North 30. 29. Legacy 20. 30. Devils Lake 11. 31. West Fargo Sheyenne 6.

Individual Results

106 Pounds

Lincoln Turman, P, def. Justin Harms, WF, 3-2 (championship). Alex Kaseman, Bis, def. Jacob Wood, Stur, 4-2 (third). Drew Steidler, SM, pinned Jacob Moore, A, :54 (fifth). Karsen Mosbrucker, Man, def. Christian Dean, Sid, 4-2 (seventh).


113 Pounds

Ryan Ripplinger, Bis, pinned William Turman, P, 5:07 (championship). Travis Kinn, DC, pinned Jeremy Leintz, Beu, 4:04 (third). Chauncey Goethals, A, def. Parker Larson, VC, 11-4 (fifth). Ethan Fleck, Man, def. Clint Coleman, Cen, 3-2 (seventh).

120 Pounds

Michael Lusk, P, def. Spencer Stockman, RCS, 3-1 (championship). Jonathan Fraase, FS, pinned Braydin Jangula, Nap, 4:21 (third). Matthew Leier, Min, def. Jace Winter, Sid, 5-0 (fifth). Isaac Berger, Man, def. Adam DeBoer, Bis, 5-0 (seventh).

126 Pounds

Dillon Spaulding, Bis, def. Austin Senger, P, 6-1 (championship). Garrett Jangula, Nap, pinned Dan Kliegel, Wat, 2:51 (third). Austin Luther, Wil, def. Kolten Reisenauer, Man, 6-2 (fifth). Sterling Kraye, RCC, def. Matthew Rader, Cen, 2-1 (seventh).

132 Pounds

Jebben Keyes, P, def. Mason Schulz, Cen-unattached, 3-3, UTB (championship). Bailey Brengle, Stur, def. Dawson Zerr, TM, 3-1 (third). Josh Moore, A, def. Jacksen Perrin, Bis, 7-5, OT (fifth). Jakob Ashline, VC, def. Tyler Strandberg, Min, major dec., 12-2 (seventh).

138 Pounds

Jared Franek, WF, pinned Riley McSherry, RCC, 3:03 (championship). Gavin LeNoue, Wah, def. Aric Williams, P, 10-4 (third). Devin Steidler, Bis, def. Michael Peltier, A, major dec., 12-2 (fifth). Roy Isom, Wil, def. Alex Skaare, FD, 7-3 (seventh).

145 Pounds

Taylor Nein, Bis, def. Walker Carr, Car, 3-2 (championship). Logan Wood, RCS, def. Jacob Franek, WF, 11-7 (third). Logan Meyer, Wah, def. Collin Haar, A, 5-1, OT (fifth). Joshua Snyder, Beu, def. Ethan Benham, Min, 1-0 (seventh).

152 Pounds

Billy Holtan, Car, def. Jaret Lee, DHS, major dec., 12-3 (championship). Bryce Burnside, FD, def. Brandon Zachmeier, Man, 6-4 (third). Winston Brown, Stur, def. Jakob Browning, Jam, 7-2 (fifth). Augustus Siaway, FS, def. Creighton Rudolph, Min., 3-1, OT (seventh).

160 Pounds

Paxton Mewes, Jam, pinned Aaron Deike, Wah, 3:56 (championship). Cameron Rants, Cen, def. Malek Larimer, RR, 3-2 (third). Kolby Kost, RCC, def. Rowan Horswill, Wil, 7-1 (fifth). Caden Haugen, DHS, def. Tyler Clapp, DC, 6-4 (seventh).

170 Pounds

Bradley Nelson, A, def. Noah Diamond, RCS, 4-2 (championship). Jonathon Grunefelder, Nap, def. Matthew Rabe, Min, 5-1 (third). Bridger Anderson, Car, def. Rafael Lopez, DHS, medical forfeit (fifth). Skyler Leesman, P, def. Kolby Johnson, FD, 4-0 (seventh).

182 Pounds

Jesse Shearer, WF, def. Braiden Nelson, A, 3-2 (championship). Spencer Sarringer, P, def. Dale Spilman, Man, 5-3 (third). Riley Lura, Car, def. Timmy Paris, RCC, 5-2 (fifth). Coy Turnquist, Wil, def. Matt Kaylor, Leg, 3-1 (OT) (seventh).

195 Pounds

Payson Dirk, Stur, def. Jake Flakus, A, 4-0 (championship). Alex Barbion, Beu, pinned Chase Teiken, WF, 2:51 (third). Justin Bergquist, Bis, pinned Mathais Thompson, RCC, 4:13 (fifth). Logan Goulet, RR, def. Justin Meyer, DHS, 3-1 (seventh.

220 Pounds

Jordan Magnuson, VC, def. Joel Carpenter, Stur, 7-1 (championship). Tristan Hall, Bis, def. Quinn Reimers, P, 1-0 (third). Hunter Severson, Sid, def. Brady Terrill, GFC, 2-0 (fifth). Denzel Sanders, Beu, pinned Hunter Swartwout, Min, :54 (seventh).

285 Pounds

Brandon Metz, WF, pinned Bradee Schroeder, Car, :28 (championship). Trajan LaRocque, A, def. Dane Stahl, WT, 6-1, OT (third). Seth Braun, Cen, def. Jacob West, FD, 301 (fifth). Carter Buelow, RR, pinned Austin Maunu, A-unattached, 2:21 (seventh).


Jerry Halmrast outstanding wrestler award: Taylor Nein, Bis (138).

Pinner award: Alex Barbion, Beu (195) 6 pins in 20:02.

Quick pin award: Brandon Metz, WF (285), :10.

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