Dickinson State baseball athlete of the week - Ryan Absher

Ryan Absher, a senior on the Dickinson State baseball team, pitched a complete game in the Blue Hawks 13-5 victory over Waldorf University on Friday, April 6. The Utah native gave up eight hits and struck out five.

Dickinson State senior Ryan Absher hit two triples over two games against the Warriors on Saturday, April 7 at Dakota Community Bank & Trust Ballpark. (Shelby Reardon / The Dickinson Press)

Ryan Absher, a senior on the Dickinson State baseball team, pitched a complete game in the Blue Hawks 13-5 victory over Waldorf University on Friday, April 6. The Utah native gave up eight hits and struck out five.

The following day, the Blue Hawks dropped both contests to the Warriors, 5-4 and 11-3. Absher hit a triple in each game. He had one of four DSU hits in the first game, and was the only Blue Hawk batter with multiple hits in the second game.

DP: Where are you from and why did you choose DSU?

RA: "I'm from Utah originally. I came up by way of Montana. I went to a junior college over at Miles City and Coach Watson really tried to get me to come over here with some of the offers and everything. More importantly, the degree program that I was looking for is here as well."

DP: What's your major?


RA: "I'm an exercise science major with a sports management track."

DP: How long have you been playing baseball?

RA: "I've been playing baseball basically since I could stand. I've always had a good relationship with both of my parents. My mom used to play softball and she was a very good athlete when she was younger and I used to always ask if she would play with me. My dad would hit grounders to me and then when he got tired I would ask my mom and then I'd go back to my dad when she got tired. So, it's been something that we've all enjoyed and was a big part of my education growing up."

DP: What's your favorite part about baseball?

RA: "The failure is just fantastic, it just makes you feel terrible and it makes you grow a ton. You learn so much from how much you fail, but you get to accept and you get to learn from it. So it's really hard to deal with but when you learn how to deal with it, it's really a big character builder."

DP: What positions do you play?

RA: "I've played pretty much everything in college, except for around the infield. I've pitched, I've caught and I've played outfield."

DP: What are the team goals for the year?


RA: "The team goals are just to stick together really. We've had some hardships and some things that you can't control as a whole, so our big goal is just to stick together and control all the small things that we can control. (We want) to keep ourselves in control of ourselves, basically."

DP: Any personal goals?

RA: "My biggest thing is not to think. I really analyze things a lot. I'll break down my swing every pitch and I'll break down what I'm pitching when I'm on the mound, so a big thing for me is to relax."

DP: What's your walk up song?

RA: "I'm So Groovy."

DP: If you only had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would you choose?

RA: "I think my dad embedded this one into me, but different types of cheeseburgers. You can make a different one every day of the week and it can taste different every single time."

DP: Favorite movie?


RA: "I'm terrible with favorite movies or favorite songs. The one that's probably going to be my favorite for the next little while is Field of Dreams because of the season where Doc walks off of the field for the last time. I know coming up on my last few games here I'm going to watch that and cry for awhile one night."

DP: Who has been your biggest inspiration to succeed?

RA: "I would say my immediate family, my parents. My grandma was really a big inspiration for me to succeed in baseball she and my grandfather were huge in the Utah community when it was growing, baseball was kind of their thing. My grandfather coached a long time and then he passed away and my grandma kind of clinged to me playing baseball. It's been a big thing for me."

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