Dickinson State getting new turf at Biesiot Activities Center

The old turf has been removed from the Biesiot Activities Center while the new one will start to be laid next week. (Jake Wright / The Dickinson Press)

The Biesiot Activities Center is getting a makeover as a new turf is in the process of being laid.

The facility still had the original turf on it from when it was built and laid down in 2009 and after 11 good seasons, wear and tear meant it was time for an upgrade.

“The life expectantly on the turf is anywhere between 9-12 years and we got 11 good years out of it. It was starting to get wavy in the north end and the seams were starting to work apart the last couple of years,” Pete Stanton, Dickinson State University's football coach said. “It was a good time to do it and we have had great support from some of our community members so we were able to get it done.”

The end zones will be more of a baby blue color which is closer to Dickinson State’s school colors and there will be a hawk at midfield that was not on the old turf.

Dickinson State is using the same company that they used over a decade ago, and with an increase in competition in the turf business they are getting an upgraded turf for the same price that they paid in 2009.


“The upgrade may not be something that people can see, but the fiber that is in it is an upgraded fiber. It is a little bit better than what they used 10 years ago," Stanton said. “It has the ability to last a little longer.”

He expects cuts made by players to be a little smoother. It will also be easier for them to keep their footing, especially when it gets cold and snow arrives.

Stanton says that they want to have a great facility for their players and recruiting but also for the high schools in town that use the field as well.

The old turf has already been removed, and next week the install group will come to put down the new one.

They should take only a couple of weeks to get the job done and Stanton hopes to have everything in place right after the Fourth of July.

“It is going to be a sharp looking field and it will get us through the next 10-12 years with a nice facility,” Stanton said. “Obviously, this not only helps with playing on a great surface but with recruiting. Also when we get into October and November not having to worry about your footing because we will have a great surface to play on.”

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