Leading the Beach High School football team to a 54-40 victory over Grant County-Flasher on Friday, Sept. 28 from Beach High School, senior fullback Clay Mattern and sophomore running back Tyson Mattern combined to score seven touchdowns against the Storm. Clay Mattern accumulated 154 rushing yards and four touchdowns on 20 carries while Tyson Mattern rushed the ball 19 carries, racking up 201 yards on the ground and reaching the end zone three times.

DP: What has been the biggest keys to the team's victories over the last couple of weeks?

CM: "The key to the last couple weeks of victories would probably be coming together as a team. We have a lot going for us this year, our last game to get into the playoffs."

DP: What has been your favorite moments of the season to this point?

TM: "Just playing with my team, having fun and scoring a lot of touchdowns."

DP: What other sports or clubs do you participate in?

CM: "I also participate in wrestling and FFA."

DP: When did you start playing football?

TM: "I starting playing football my fourth-grade year, for Pee-Wees."

DP: What do you most like about the sport of football?

CM: "I like mostly hitting people hard without getting in trouble for it."

DP: Who is the funniest teammate?

TM: "I'd have to say the funniest teammate is Jared Wojahn, from the stuff he says."

DP: If there is one thing you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

CM: "The one thing I could eat for the rest of my life probably would be pizza."

DP: Any particular toppings?

CM: "Just pepperoni."

DP: What is the best TV show or movie that you've watched recently?

TM: "Probably 'The Ranch' would be the best TV show that I've watched."

DP: Who is your celebrity crush?

CM: "My celebrity crush would probably be Ariana Grande."

DP: Either/or: Instagram or Snapchat?

TM: "Snapchat."

DP: Country Music or Hip Hop?

CM: "Country."

TM: "Country."

DP: Playstation 4 or Xbox?

TM: "Xbox."

DP: Madden or Fortnite?

CM: "Fortnite."

TM: "Fortnite."

DP: Coke or Pepsi?

CM: "Coke."

TM: "Coke."

DP: Who has been your biggest inspiration to succeed?

TM: "My biggest inspiration to succeed would probably be my parents."

CM: "My biggest inspiration would probably be all the coaches that I've had in the past, always pushing me to do great."