Hazen continues to semifinal, Belfield makes it to Babe Ruth Championship

After day three of the District 5 Baseball Tournament, Belfield-South Heart makes it to final game, opponent to be determined.

The Hazen Lumberkings were victorious against the Beulah Twisters Wednesday in a shut-out 8-0 game.
Photo by Amber I. Neate
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BELFIELD, N.D. — Day three of the District 5 Baseball Tournament continued July 13 at Belfield Ballpark. After four grueling elimination games, The Belfield–South Heart Knights made it to the finals. Their opponent will be determined after the Garrison and Hazen game July 14.

Wednesday’s action began with the loser’s bracket. The Beulah Twisters swept Hettinger in a shut-out 11-1 victory. One hour later, the Hazen Lumberkings took on the Washburn Post and advanced in the bracket with another jaw-dropping, one-sided game that ended with a 12-0 Hazen win.

Hazen’s Troy Tayler played dominant offensively for the Lumberkings with 1 RBI and 1 Run. Bryce Lesmann and Brayden Haack were also instrumental scorers in the match up, each tallying two runs. The Lumberkings racked up ten four-baggers in the fourth inning to take a major lead on the Post.

Lumberking’s Trevor Krause pitched a clean game for four, with no errors, no runs, no walks and two strikes.

The Beulah Twisters gave their all Wednesday but weren't able to get points on the board.
Photo by Amber Neate

Washburn’s Oscar Wood pitched for three and struggled to find a groove on the mound, allowing nine hits, three runs and three earned runs. Following Wood, Jack Retterrath was pulled from the bullpen to throw for the remaining two-thirds of the game. He also had a rough go on the mound, allowing four runs and four earned runs. Although Washburn was unable to put points on the board, Ethan Retterrah put up a fight at the plate with two solid hits.


In the following game, the Belfield–South Heart Knights were triumphant in a 15-6 victory over the Garrison Titans.

Belfield’s Jordan Koppinger led the team in hits, going 4-for-5 at the plate. He was relentless on the field, striking four singles in the game. The Knights led the Titans with 15 hits compared to the Titan’s nine.

Luke Obrigewitsch put up the first point on the board for the Knights in the first inning and three more runs followed. In the third, the Knights turned on the gas again, racking up another four runs to maintain a lead on the Titans.

Nine teams participated in the Babe Ruth Tournament but the competition has dwindled down to three finalists. The winner of the Garrison Hazen game (July 14) will go on to challenge the Knights.
Photo by Amber I. Neate

Starting pitcher Braden Kestrow took the win for Belfield-South Heart. In the five he pitched, he allowed three runs on six hits and struck out one batter. Mason Kessel emerged from the bullpen to throw for the remaining two.

Knights batters Kaden Zacher and Kessel were also reliable at the plate, each making three hits and three runs in the game.

“Kaden Zacher made a really good play at second base where he went for a ball, snagged it and threw the guy out at first, which really got us out of a bind,” Quentin Obrigewitsch, Knights coach said. “Our guys came out and we hit the ball well. We scored four runs in the bottom of the first and got our confidence up. The top of our order got on base and the bottom of the order actually scored just as many runs.”

For the Titans, Broody Seidler, Grady Crawford and Rylan Myers led the batting lineup with multiple hits each. Titan’s starting pitcher Issac Shervan was a warrior on the mound for four but allowed 10 runs on 10 hits, which posed the Titans with an up-hill battle.

In the final game of the evening, Hazen swept the field with a stunning 8-0 win over the Beulah Twisters. Hazen took an early lead on the Twisters in the first and shut down their offensive lineup with a flawless pitching combination and dominant batting lineup.


The Lumberkings pitching lineup has been consistent throughout the Babe Ruth Tournament.
Photo by Amber I. Neate

“When you come back from the loser’s bracket, it’s a battle,” Jason Haack, Lumberking’s coach said. “We battled today in the wind and heat and I’m proud of our boys.”

From the infielders to the outfielders and pitchers, the Lumberkings demonstrated a top-notch defense. Troy Taylor toed the rubber for six innings and allowed no runs on three hits. He tallied three strike outs and allowed one walk.

Brayden Haack and Bryce Lesmann both made stand-out efforts on the field. Combined, they put up four runs for the Lumberkings. Lesmann also pitched for one and allowed no runs and one hit. Troy Taylor, Courtal Beyer and Trevor Krause each brought in a run for the Lumberkings to keep them in the lead.

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