Hazen's title streak over in girls Class B golf

JAMESTOWN -- Hatton-Northwood's Abby Knutson wasn't about to squander a second opportunity. The left-handed, Bemidji State University girls' golf recruit led the state Class B field by three strokes last season, before handing over the lead to ev...

Bowman County's Kayla Palczewski
Photo by John Steiner/Forum Communications Co. Bowman County's Kayla Palczewski watches a shot during the final round of the Class B state girls golf tournament Wednesday at Hillcrest Golf Course in Jamestown. She tied for 16th place with a final score of 180.

JAMESTOWN -- Hatton-Northwood's Abby Knutson wasn't about to squander a second opportunity.

The left-handed, Bemidji State University girls' golf recruit led the state Class B field by three strokes last season, before handing over the lead to eventual state girls' golf medalist Amber Piatz of Napoleon over the final 18 holes.

Once again leading by three strokes to begin Day 2 of the 2010 state Class B girls' golf tournament at Hillcrest Golf Course on Wednesday, Knutson successfully executed her revenge.

The senior from Hatton brushed off a bit of a slow start to birdie the fourth and sixth holes, both par-4s, on her way to a 2-under par 37 front nine. Knutson didn't waver from there, blasting a second 37 over the final nine to literally walk away with medalist honors with a two-day score of 150.

Knutson's score of 150 is six shots over par (144) at Hillcrest.


"I was thinking that not everyone gets a second chance. I came out to play my own game, and not worry about what the others shot," Knutson said. "I was a little shaky to start off. I bogeyed the first two holes, and I was in the water on two. But I found my rhythm and relaxed a little bit and it turned out to be a fun day."

Knutson entered the final day with a three-shot lead (76) over Central Cass senior Kamie Roesler (79). Roesler's day turned sour right from the get go, as she three-putted both the par-4 No. 1 and the par-4 No. 2.

Roesler carded an 85 on the day and finished the tournament in a runner-up tie with last year's medalist, Piatz, at 164. Piatz backed up her opening score of 83 with an 81 on Wednesday.

"Abby, she's a great golfer. She shot a 74, which is incredible," Roesler said. "I definitely thought I had a shot at winning. She just got in my head a little."

Roesler ended her day with yet another three-putt on the 415-yard par-5 18th.

"I just couldn't get my putter to work today," Roesler said. "That three-putt cost us the state championship."

Central Cass and Kenmare finished in a tie at 738 for top team honors. The officials went to the team's fifth golfer to determine the tie-breaker, and Kenmare's Brittany Harris's two-day total of 208 was enough to hand the Honker's their first state Class B girls' golf title over the Squirrels by 10 strokes. Kenmare didn't have a sixth golfer at the tournament.

The teams broke Hazen's two-year title run. The Bison were third after shooting 739. Bowman County finished 12th and Beulah was 13th.


Hazen's Katie Berg tied for fifth with a score of 173. Kayla Palczewski led Bowman County as she tied for 15th place with a final score of 180. Alyssa Bauer of Beulah was the top finisher for the Miners as she tied for 28th with a score of 185.

Michael Savaloja is a sports reporter for the Jamestown Sun, which is owned by Forum Communications Co.

Girls' Class B State Golf Tournament

At Hillcrest Golf Course, Jamestown

Team scores: 1 (tie), Kenmare 379-359--738, Central Cass 374-364--738; 3, Hazen 377-362--739; 4, Hatton-Northwood 379-373--752; 5, Grafton 383-379--762; 6, Linton 377-391--768; 7, MLS 388-389--777; 8, Larimore 396-385--781; 9, Kindred 400-382--782; 10, Tioga 386-397--783; 11, Lidgerwood-Hankinson-Fairmount 382-403--785; 12, Bowman County 405-391--796; 13, Beulah 406-406--812; 14, Lisbon 426-406--832; 15, Oak Grove 421-415--836; 16, Garrison 431-418--849; 17, Dunseith 431-437--868; 18, Velva 449-456--905.

Individual results: 1, Abby Knutson, Hatton-Northwood, 76-74--150; 2 (tie), Amber Piatz, Napoleon, 83-81--164; Kamie Roesler, Central Cass, 79-85--164; 4, Hailey Dockter, Linton, 84-86--170; 5 (tie), Kate Berg, Hazen, 94-79--173; Paige Tompkins, Milnor, 83-90--173; 7 (tie), Audrey Bilden, Hatton-Northwood, 86-88--174; Kate Podolak, Kindred, 92-82--174; Meghan Essler, Kenmare, 92-82--174; Shelby Carlson, Tioga, 83-91--174; 11, Becca Heinitz, Hillsboro, 92-84--176; 12 (tie), Olivia Knutson, Hatton-Northwood, 91-86--177; Kinzie Molde, Grafton, 88-89--177; 14, Callie Carlson, MLS, 88-90--178; 15, Annie Twells, Oak Grove, 91-88--179; 16 (tie), Ali Burns, Grafton, 88-92--180; Kayla Palczewski, Bowman County, 87-93--180; Kirsten Marschke, Central Cass, 93-87--180; 19 (tie), Jorden Brown, MLS, 92-89--181; Laura Podolak, Kindred, 90-91--181. 21 (tie), Allison Schick, Flasher, 96-86--182; Ashley Barnhart, Kenmare, 91-91--182; Chelsie Aker, Lidgerwood-Hankinson-Fairmount, 88-94--182; 24 (tie), Alex Leidholm, Washburn, 95-88--183; Kati Brandt, Lewis & Clark, 89-94--183; 26 (tie), Margaret Burke, Linton, 93-91--184; Stef Bohrer, Hazen, 94-90--184; 28 (tie), Alyssa Bauer, Beulah, 91-94--185; Jordaan Thompson, Sargent Central, 96-89--185; Macie Harris, Kenmare, 94-91--185; 31, Jinny Miller, Hazen, 94-92--186; 32 (tie), Emilie Anderson, Watford City, 93-94--187; Gina Poitra, New Town-Parshall, 99-88--187; 34 (tie), Alexis Hofer, Larimore, 97-91--188; Jordan Larson, Tioga, 93-95--188; Melissa Langer, North Star, 88-100--188; 37, Laura Duppong, Glen Ullin, 94-96--190; 38 (tie), Hailey Gentzkow, LLMM, 95-97--192; Sammi Cottingham, Central McLean, 100-92--192. 40 (tie), Faith Kadelbach, Larimore, 100-95--195; Kendra Romsdal, Central Cass, 99-96--195; 42 (tie), Brianna Stein, Lidgerwood-Hankinson-Fairmount, 96-100--196; Christina Irwin, Hazen, 95-101--196; Maggie Lorenz, Harvey, 97-99--196; 45, Alex King, Kenmare, 102-95--197; 46 (tie), Heidi Trosen, Larimore, 100-98--198; Mariah Lockert, Bowman County, 98-100--198; 48 (tie), Becca Alt, Beulah, 107-92--199; Caitlin Wilcox, Garrison, 103-96--199; Haley Christofferson, Lisbon, 100-99--199; Kelsie Nelson, Central Cass, 103-96--199; Rachael Hansana, Hazen, 97-102--199; 53 (tie), Brittny Riemer, Garrison, 101-99--200; Kayley Wiegandt, Larimore, 99-101--200; Carly Stenvold, Lidgerwood-Hankinson-Fairmount, 99-102--201; Kellie Ulrich, MPCG, 99-102--201; Rebecca Andres, Edgeley-Kulm, 105-96--201; Sam Peiler, Larimore, 100-101--201; 59 (tie), Emma Miller, Hazen, 101-101--202; Skylar Aberle, MLS, 103-99--202. 61, Danielle Johnson, MPCG, 109-94--203; 62, Steph Hanson, Grafton, 107-97--204; 63 (tie), Ariel Hystad, Velva, 101-104--205; Michele Hoistad, Lisbon, 105-100--205; 65 (tie), Erika Anderson, Valley City, 105-101--206; Lacey Nelson, Liderwood-Hankinson-Fairmount, 99-107--206; Taylor Corneillie, Grafton, 105-101--206; 68, Whitney Gerving, Linton, 100-107--207; 69 (tie), Bailey McGee, Bowman County, 109-99--208; Brittany Harris, Kenmare, 113-95--208; 71 (tie), Jade Teske, Westhope-Newburg, 102-107--209; Jaden Pfahl, Dunseith, 108-101--209; Karen Cushing, Tioga, 101-108--209; 74, Rachelle Counts, Dunseith, 101-109--210; 75 (tie), Danielle Volk, Linton, 100-111--211; Shayla Counts, Dunseith, 106-105--211; 77 (tie), Katie Larson, Tioga, 109-103--212; Mikaela Casey, Kindred, 111-101--212; 79, Grace Buchholz, Lisbon, 109-104--213. 80, Mickal Sayler, Beulah, 98-116--214; 81 (tie), Jennifer Anderson, Lisbon, 112-103--215; Jessica Hill, Bowman County, 116-99--215; Savannah Nesemeier, Kindred, 107-108--215; 84 (tie), Brenna Brady, Oak Grove, 106-110--216; Kelsey Colwell, Oak Grove, 115-101--216; 86, Jenna Mehlhoff, Garrison, 109-108--217; 87 (tie), Jenna Beilke, Central Cass, 118-100--218; Jodi Boe, Beulah, 110-108--218; 89, Shelby Wenstad, MLS, 105-114--219; 90 (tie), Cassey Voigt, MLS, 109-111--220; Emma Ilvedson, Kindred, 111-109--220; 92 (tie), Anna Vander Laan, MLS, 109-112--221; Haily Abel, Larimore, 105-116--221; McKenna Flyberg, Linton, 114-107--221; 95, Shelby Lunde, Beulah, 110-112--222; 96, Mylynn Henderson, Lidgerwood-Hankinson-Fairmount, 115-108--223; 97, Mataya Seamands, Bowman County, 111-114--225; 98 (tie), Alexis Martinson, Oak Grove, 109-117--226; Karly Palczweski, Bowman County, 112-114--226; Morgan Olson, Lisbon, 118-108--226; Shelby Wunderlich, Velva, 113-113--226. 102 (tie), Alexis Piatz, Kindred, 115-112--227; Riley Camas, Central Cass, 113-114--227; 104, Payton Schumann, Glenburn, 109-122--231; 105 (tie), Casey Behles, Garrison, 118-115--233; Tricia Johnson, Velva, 114-119--233; 107, Kayla Rotenberger, Lisbon, 113-122--235; 108; Mckenzie Kramer, Linton, 115-122--237; 109, Madison Nadeau, Dunseith, 116-122--238; 110, Jordyn Campbell, Lidgerwood-Hankinson-Fairmount, 121-118, 239; 111, Erin O'Shea, Velva, 121-120--241; 112, Jessica Stumvoll, Garrison, 126-116--242; 113, Taylor Lang, Oak Grove, 132-116--248; 114, Kara Wilwand, North Border, 136-113--249; 115, Christina Phipps, Hatton-Northwood, 126-125--251; 116, Tasha Heisler, Velva, 132-122--254; 117, April Finneseth, Velva, 127-131--258.

Outstanding Senior Athlete: Abby Knutson, Hatton-Northwood.

Coach of the Year: Kathy Berglund, Hazen.

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