HS Co-Athletes of the Week - Zack Andersen, Dylan Tabor and Curtis Hall

Killdeer sophomore Zack Andersen, along with seniors Dylar Tabor and Curtis Hall each won in their respective weight classes, aiding the Cowboys wrestling team to a second-place finish as the team hosted the first-ever Badlands Classic on Saturda...

Killdeer sophomore Zach Anderson (left), senior Dylan Tabor (middle) and senior Curtis Hall (right).
Killdeer sophomore Zack Andersen (left), senior Dylan Tabor (middle) and senior Curtis Hall (right).

Killdeer sophomore Zack Andersen, along with seniors Dylar Tabor and Curtis Hall each won in their respective weight classes, aiding the Cowboys wrestling team to a second-place finish as the team hosted the first-ever Badlands Classic on Saturday, Jan. 19. Performing in front of his home fans, 160-pound Andersen was victored with a 10-5 decision over Bowman County-Beach senior Jacob Ruggles in the first-place match. At 145 pounds, Tabor conquered Alexander junior Jayden Ybarra after a 6-4 decision in the championship match, while Hall pinned Bulldogs junior Nate Boehm in one minute and 21 seconds during the first-place match at 285 pounds.

DP: What have been the keys to your success this season?

ZA: "I believe my keys to success is just working hard in the wrestling room, doing everything as hard as I possible can, conditioning hard, and just working as hard as I possible can."

DT: "I believe that it's just having a good wrestling partner, a good warmup, working hard in the wrestling room."

CH: "Some of the key components for me ... is hard work and don't stop working until it's over."


DP: When did you start wrestling and what is your favorite thing about it?

ZA: "Started wrestling probably right before kindergarten, was my first year in pee-wee wrestling and just wrestled ever since. Just kind of grew my wrestling career from then on."

DT: "I started in preschool, and my favorite part was just going to tournaments with every other guy and just having fun with them."

CH: "I starting wrestling my freshman year, and my favorite part is just the adversity; just working through tough parts."

DP: Who is your funniest teammate?

ZA: "Our funniest teammate would be Curtis, over there, cause he always manages to do something that makes us all laugh. It's always something goofy or something like that, I guess."

DT: "I would also say it's Curt. He just does odd stuff all the time and makes us all laugh."

CH: "Umm, I guess it's me."


DP: Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

ZA: "I'd probably have to go with Dillan Jepson. He's kinda always a role model to me, always above me, taught me pretty much everything I know about wrestling."

DT: "My favorite would probably be my brother, Derek. Well, both of my brothers, Garret and Derek. They both wrestled throughout high school and elementary and taught me through my whole years."

DP: If there is one thing that you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

ZA: "Oh man, if there's one thing I could eat for the rest of my life, it'd be pizza. I could probably eat that everyday."

DT: "I would just eat whatever mom makes at home. That's good for me."

CH: "I'd say ... a pretty good New York strip (steak)."

DP: What is the best TV show or movie that you’ve watched recently?


ZA: “The best TV show or movie I’ve watched recently is probably The Ranch. That’s a pretty good TV show, along with That’s 70’s Show. Either or, I guess. That’s my favorite shows.”

DT: “My favorite TV show would probably be All-American. I just started watching it and it’s just a pretty good sports (show) to me.”

CH: “My favorite television series that I just watched recently is Trailer Park Boys. It’s pretty funny.”

DP: Who is your celebrity crush?

ZA: "I don't know. That's a good one."

DT: "I got mine, it's Jennifer Aniston."

ZA: "Ok, I'll go with that one. My favorite celebrity crush would probably be Jennifer Aniston back in the day, if we're about the same age, I guess. She's a little bit older than me."

DT: "Mine would also be Jennifer Aniston. I gave Zach that idea."

CH: "One of my favorite celebrity crushes would have to be Drew Barrymore."

ZA: "Is that a guy?"

CH: "No, it's a girl."

DP: Either/or: Snapchat or Instagram?

ZA: “Snapchat, probably. (I’m on) that more often, like that more.”

DT: “Yeah, I go on Snapchat more often.”
CH: I’d have to go with Snapchat, too.”

DP: Country Music or Hip-Hop?

ZA: “Warm-up music is probably more hip-hop, mess-around music is probably country, I guess. I don’t know, so I’d probably have to go with hip-hop."

DT: “I’m with him. If you want to go listen to bangers, I’d go to hip-hop. If you want to sing along in the car, I’d go country music.”

CH: “Country music all the way.”

DP: When eating a meal, what is most satisfying: the first bite or last bite?

ZA: “The first is probably the most satisfying. And by the last bite, you’re probably pretty depressed cause then you know you are all out, got to make weight the next day.”

DT: “I’d go with the first bite, because the first taste is always the best.”

CH: “I make every bite count."

DP: Are you a good dancer or a bad dancer?

ZA: “Terrible dancer. I’m bad at that.”

DT: “Yeah, I’m also a terrible dancer.”

CH: “I’d rather not talk about this.”

DP: Wrestling or any other sport?

ZA: "Any other sport. I like football probably the most. Wrestling is just that love-hate sport: you like it when you're out of it, you hate it when you're in it, but it's worth it."

DT: "I would definitely go with another sport. Wrestling ain't my favorite sport, but I make it work. It's a love-hate relationship like Zach said."

CH: "I love wrestling."

DP: What is your first sports memory?

ZA: "My sports memory is probably wrestling cause that's the first sport I could ever start, cause you couldn't start football until you're about in like fifth grade. So I'd have to go with wrestling with that one. There's a lot of good memories you make in wrestling, and a lot of bad memories, but I'd have to go with wrestling."

DT: "I'd have to go with football, during my fifth-grade year when we first started football. We started off with the guys and now we're here with them as seniors."

CH: "I'd have to say first day of practice, freshman year on the football field. That was pretty cool cause I never experienced that before."

DP: Who is your biggest inspiration to succeed?

ZA: "My biggest inspiration would probably be my dad, cause he always wants me to do my best for whatever. (He) gets me to do a lot of work and he's probably my biggest inspiration. I want to be like him."

DT: "My biggest inspiration would be the two coaches, Schlosser and Elkins, and my family as well. They push me to go further and when I don't want to cut weight, they make me anyways. So, they (inspire) me doing that."

CH: "Mainly, it's got to be with the big man upstairs, you can't do anything without him in your life. But I'd have to say my coaches and my family members too, they have a lot of support."

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