Knights to open home schedule against Hazen

Having five wins in their last three doubleheaders, the Knights go into their first home game with confidence. and momentum.

The Knights first home game will feature Hazen this Friday at 4 p.m. (Filed photo)

Playing at home can make a strong impact on a team. From having their fans and family’s nearby support, to the mental incentive of defending their turf, it all can push athletes to new limits.

Belfield/South Heart Knights' abundance of skill and creativity has carried them through the physicality of their away matchups and with the momentum they hope to bring it with them in their first home doubleheader of the season.

The doubleheader against Hazen will be the fourth game and second divisional matchup of the season for the Belfield/South Heart Legion team. They are going into the home game with five wins and with 67 runs completed.

The Knights have returned from their crusade after competing in three away doubleheaders. They were scheduled for a fourth against Washburn on June 17, but was postponed until noon on July 10.

At the start of the season they took on the two interdivisional American Legion teams, Glendive Blue Devils B-team and Watford City Post 29. They won in both doubleheaders by a plentiful amount of runs.


Against Glendive, they collected 15 RBIs and only seven strikeouts. They showed an aggressive style of play, with a total of 17 stolen bases and answered to the multiple walks, errors and hit by pitches with eight runs out of the 23 the Knights scored.

Their campaign continued to Watford City where they split the doubleheader. The Knights adaptability to read the pitcher’s count allowed them to run away with the first game with a final result was 16-4, but they would take a close loss in the second 14-18.

In their defeat, the Knights showed a lot of heart as they fought for a rally till the final inning.

Watford City, a Class A team, gave the Knights a look at where they stand in their own region. In game one, Xander Krump 3-2, with three runs and two RBIs showed composure in the batter’s box while still being able to harness his skills as a pitcher in game two with eight strikeouts. Krump has the most RBIs on the team at eight and a slugging percentage of .714.

Tarence Dillinger, tied for second most RBIs on the team, showed a lot of confidence at the plate in Watford City knocking five hits to collect four of his seven total RBIs.

In the first two innings pitched by Tanner Obrigewitch, he managed to issue five strikeouts, and has 30 so far under his belt going into their home game. He has pitched just over 15 innings with the most 1-2-3 innings at six.

The Knights don't just rely on Obrigewitch on the mound but also Preston Walter and Krump have made notable appearances.

All three pitchers contributed to their 11 inning divisional matchup win against the Hettinger, Scranton and Bowman co-op team. The three pitchers collected 10 strikeouts among the three of them.


Walter and Krump are currently in competition with one another to claim the leaderboard for most hits and runs on the team. Both are currently at seven hits and nine runs. Walter has 16 strikeouts and has yet to allow a single run under his watch.

Tyler White took four RBIs in their first doubleheader and is high on the team’s leaderboard for hits, runs and RBIs, but is at the top of the least favored — or rather, the most painful — statistics of being hit by pitch the most at six.

The away games ultimately showed that the Knights are not a team that will slow down but will only gain more momentum if their opponents aren't too careful. Hazen American Legion team will try to conquer the Knight’s kingdom in Belfield this Friday at 4 p.m.

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