Krogh brothers both grab wins at Southwest Speedway

Kyle Krogh had only ever won a feature with five total drivers, so he went and got himself a "real win" on his hometown track. But his older brother Luke wouldn't be bested. In a makeup race from last week's rained out feature, Kyle opened the mi...

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Kyle Krogh of Dickinson leads the pack during the first Wissota Street Stocks feature during the day of the midseason championship Saturday at Southwest Speedway. His brother Luke won the IMCA Sport Mods feature later in the night. (Press Photo by Colton Pool)

Kyle Krogh had only ever won a feature with five total drivers, so he went and got himself a “real win” on his hometown track.

But his older brother Luke wouldn’t be bested.

In a makeup race from last week’s rained out feature, Kyle opened the midseason championship night Saturday at Southwest Speedway with his first Wissota Street Stocks feature of the season. Later in the night, Luke won the IMCA Sport Mods feature.

“He’s one of those brothers that’s always good at everything he does,” Luke said with a laugh. “Kudos to him on the victory, but I hope I can get a couple more Ws than him.”

Luke, from Dickinson, took his first feature win of the season at the Southwest Speedway, which he said felt relieving.


“I didn’t change much from the last couple weeks,” Luke said. “But we finally got her going.”

Luke found his way to the front of the pack quickly after starting in fifth, but cautions consistently brought the pack back together and eliminated his advantage.

“I figured it was never going to end, I swear,” Luke said. “It would get going and I would get comfortable, and then another caution would come out. I thought it would never end.”

Robby Rosselli, who led the class in points to start the night, remained on Luke’s tail for most of the feature, but Luke, who was five points behind Rosselli in the standings in second, managed to best the Minot driver by .705 seconds.

“I saw him a couple times,” Luke said. “I just kept my head looking forward. I wasn’t worried about him. I kept in front of him, so that works for me.”

Luke said that the family wins are more special considering they’ve been racing for just the last couple of years.

And although he was happy to get his own feature win, he was proud of his little brother too.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Luke said. “That’s pretty cool, I have to say. Not many families can say that. It’s pretty sweet.”


Kyle said he’s only in his second year of racing, so he’s learning with every lap on the muddy dirt track that had been rained on the last few nights.

But he didn’t look like a beginner by any stretch after he escaped the pack and didn’t come close to being passed in the final 10 laps.

Kyle was ninth in the point standings before the night, trailing 16 points behind Dickinson’s Deryk Voller, but he beat second-place TC Shelhamer of Plevna, Mont., by 3.896 seconds.

“I was pretty pumped up,” Kyle said. “I don’t really have any words. I got lucky.”

Hunter Domagala won the second Street Stocks feature of the night in a cautionless 6 minutes, 22.517 seconds. The Bismarck driver started the night in the points standings in eighth place, 15 points behind the lead of Dickinson’s Voller, and beat Kendall Booke of Dickinson in .983 seconds.

In the first midseason championship feature of the night, Jordan Binstock took the hobbies feature, making for good timing for the first win of his career.

“I’ve been waiting for this for forever, it feels like,” Binstock said. “I’m stoked. … I can’t explain it. My adrenaline was just going. It was awesome.”

After winning his heat and starting the feature in first, Binstock kept his position despite a handful of cautions that slowed down the race - including one that brought the pack back together with two laps remaining.


“Cautions got my heart pumping a little bit more,” Binstock said. “But I never saw another car one time beside me, so I felt like if I kept my line, rough or not, and I stick with it, I should’ve been alright.”

Binstock, who was third in the points standings and 14 points away from the lead, was trailed by Casey Vernon of Dickinson, who was in second in the standings, for most of those caution laps.

But Binstock maneuvered and found his line on the slick track to keep Vernon at bay to win by .4 seconds.

“I felt him a few times on my bumper. I knew he wasn’t going to give up by any means,” Binstock said. “I couldn’t let up.”

For the other makeup feature of the day, Justin Medler won the first IMCA Modifieds feature. Having won features in Minot and Williston, he checked Dickinson off his list.

After Medler started the race in seventh, the Minot driver used lap traffic to beat Aurora’s Eric Burwick, who was six points behind the leader for second in the points standings before the race, by .428 seconds.

“I wouldn’t have won that thing if it weren’t for lap traffic,” Medler said. “It played a big key in that. I like traffic because I read things pretty well. That’s all I did.”

While most of the other racers stayed near the center of the track on the corners, Medler found enough traction on the inside to get around.

“It was pretty muddy out there. There wasn’t much passing,” Medler said. “I just stayed patient, picked them off one at a time.”

With about 10 laps remaining and having climbed five places, Medler said, he calmed down and found his route.

“I don’t like following people. I’m going to find something else,” Medler said. “You’re not going to pass anybody by following them.”

Jason Wolla of Williston took the second Modifieds victory and beat Shawn Strand, who led the class in points before the night started, by 1.437 seconds.

Jason Berg of Bismarck took the IMCA Sport Compacts win in 6:42.256. Berg, who had a five-point lead over Bismarck’s Chance Seelye in the points standings, beat Seelye in 1.506 seconds.


Heat 1: 1, Jordan Binstock. 2, Derek Nitschke. 3, Alex Braun. 4, Dean Brew. 5, John Erickson. 6, Don Holman. 7, Tyler Bartholomew, DNF.

Heat 2: 1, Paul Johanson. 2, Josh Allocco. 3, Casey Binstock. 4, Bree Jordan. 5, Stephanie Olheiser. 6, Jim Sangent, DNF.

Heat 3: 1, Casey Vernon. 2, Cody Hulse. 3, Brooke Renner. 4, Paul Wanner. 5, Mattea Binstock. 6, Tate Johnson, DNF.

Feature: 1, Binstock. 2, Vernon. 3, Nitschke. 4, Braun. 5, Bartholomew. 6, Erickson, 5, Johanson. 6, Hulse. 7, C. Binstock. 8, Wanner. 9, Jordan. 10, Allocco. 13, Holman. 14, Brew, DNF. 15, M. Binstock, DNF. 16, Renner, DNF. 17, Olheiser, DNF. 18, Sargent, DNF. 19, Johnson, DNS.

IMCA Sport Mods

Heat 1: 1, Robby Rosselli. 2, Kelly Henderson. 3, Alex Pool. 4, DJ Meidinger. 5, Robert Sigman. 6, Mark Zimprich, DNF. 7, Brandyn Johnson, DNF. 8, Dale Uhlich, DNF.

Heat 2: 1, Kyle Krogh. 2, Varion Hetle. 3, Luke Krogh. 4, Dillon Price. 5, Christian Uhlich. 6, Cory Dickman, DNF. 7, Shayne Heggen, DNF.

Feature: 1, L. Krogh. 2, Rosselli. 3, Henderson. 4, Hetle. 5, Price. 6, K. Krogh. 7, Sigman. 8, Heggen. 9, Zimprich. 10, C. Uhlich. 11, Meidinger, DNF. 12, Pool, DNF. 13, Johnson, DNF. 14, D. Uhlich, DNF. 15, Dickman, DNS.

Sport compacts

Heat: 1, Dylan Sandberg. 2, Jason Berg. 3, Amanda Jahner. 4, Scott Hagemeister. 5, Sean Shelhamer.

Feature: 1, Berg. 2, Seelye. 3, Jahner. 4, Koth. 5, Papineau. 6, Preston. 7, Shelhamer. 8, Dauphinais, DNF. 9, Hagemeister, DNF. 10, Sandberg, DNF.

Wissota Street Stocks

Feature 1: 1, Kyle Krogh. 2, TC Shelhamer. 3, Hunter Domagala. 4, Richard Jordan. 5, Allan Frederick. 6, Kelly Wanner. 7, Josh Olheiser. 8, Kendall Booke. 9, Deryk Voller. 10, Hailey Jordan. 11, Travis Sadowsky, DNF. 12, Cole Lewis, DNF. 13, Travis Ulmer, DNF. 14, Ken Krogh, DNS.

Heat 1: 1, Shelhamer. 2, Ky. Krogh. 3, Booke. 4, Terry Zastoupil. 5, Richard Jordan. 6, Travis Sadowsky. 7, Shane Nelson. 8, Darren Kruger.

Heat 2: 1, Domagala. 2, Josh Olheiser. 3, Lewis. 4, Voller. 5, Frederick. 6, Wanner. 7, H. Jordan. 8, Ulmer, DNF.

Feature 2: 1, Domagala. 2, Booke. 3, Olheiser. 4, K. Krogh. 5, Voller. 6, Shelhamer. 7, Frederick. 8, Ulmer. 9, R. Jordan. 10, Wanner. 11, Zastoupil. 12, Sadowsky. 13, H. Jordan. 14, Nelson. 15, Lewis, DNF. 16, Kruger, DNS.

IMCA Modifieds

Feature 1: 1, Justin Medler. 2, Eric Burwick. 3, Travis Olheiser. 4, Josh Jones. 5, Brad Hartigan. 6, Jeremy Sorensen. 7, Tracey Domagala. 8, Jay Tooley. 9, Quentin Kinzley. 10, Randy Burwick. 11, Marcus Tomlinson. 12, Travis Ulmer. 13, Dan Aune. 14, Jason Wolla. 15, Tony Marsh. 16, Chris Barros. 17, Dwight Burwick. 18, Kirk Wojahn, DNF. 19, Jason Dinius, DNF. 20, Jason Hicks, DNS. 21, Jamall Wold, DNS. 22, Myles Tomlinson, DNS. 23, Josh Wolla, DNS. 24, Ed Conlin, DNS.

Heat 1: 1, Aune. 2, Tomlinson. 3, Wolla. 4, Ulmer. 5, Shawn Strand. 6, Sorensen. 7, D. Burwick. 8, Bland Bohannon, DNF. 9, Dinius, DNS.

Heat 2: 1, Hartigan. 2, Riley Emmel. 3, E. Burwick. 4, Jerry Martin. 5, Brian Brennan. 6, Domagala. 7, R. Burwick. 9, Mike Hansen, DNF. 10, Tony Marsh, DNF.

Heat 3: 1, Barros. 2, Jones. 3, Olheiser. 4, Kinzley. 5, Medler. 6, Chris Schroeder. 7, Tooley. 8, Rusty Corneliusen. 9, Wojahn.

Feature 2: 1, Wolla. 2, Strand. 3, Medler. 4, Olheiser. 5, Emmel. 6, Aune. 7, E. Burwick. 8, Sorensen. 9, Schroeder. 10, Tomlinson. 11, Kinzley. 12, Ulmer. 13, Jones. 14, Hartigan. 15, R. Burwick. 16, Tooley. 17, D. Burwick. 18, Bohannon. 19, Corneliusen. 20, Brennan. 21, Wojahn. 22, Domagala, DNF. 23, Barros, DNF. 24, Martin, DNF. 25, Hansen, DNF. 26, Marsh, DNS. 27, Dinius, DNS.

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