Midgets make the most of Last Chance Meet

Eyes glanced from the running track to the scoreboard and back as anticipation mounted.The members of Dickinson High's boys 1,600-meter relay team were guaranteed first place because there was nobody running beside them. The clock was the team's ...

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Dickinson High senior Dalton Wolf runs during the 1,600-meter relay Monday at the Biesiot Activities Center. (Press Photo by Parker Cotton)

Eyes glanced from the running track to the scoreboard and back as anticipation mounted.
The members of Dickinson High’s boys 1,600-meter relay team were guaranteed first place because there was nobody running beside them. The clock was the team’s lone opponent Monday at the Class A Last Chance Meet at the Biesiot Activities Center.
In the final running event of the day, Collin Schock, Tanner Davidson, Mike Herauf and Dalton Wolf made sure Monday was their day.
“When you’re the only team on the track and trying to qualify something, that’s tough,” Dickinson’s girls head coach Greg Jung said. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that before. ... With three seniors and a junior, we got a couple more kids in the state track meet so that’s pretty cool.”
The quartet turned in a time of 3 minutes, 30.88 seconds, about three and a half seconds faster than the state qualifying benchmark.
“We knew we had to push ourselves when we had nobody else to push us,” said Herauf, the only junior of the group. “It’s a big thing to know that if you compete at (West Regionals) and try to place to qualify, it has to be your day. You can’t always count on that one meet to get you where you want to be. We’re excited we got it handled today.”
Davidson added: “We ran it faster than last year, actually. That says a lot about our team going into state.”
As the name of the meet implies, Monday was the final opportunity to qualify for the state meet before Friday’s West Region meet at the BAC.
Earlier on Monday, other Midgets made good use of their last chance and added their names to the list of state qualifiers.
Eighth-grader Peyton Selle clocked in at 48.65 seconds in the 300-meter hurdles, qualifying her for the event.
“I was pretty happy with myself, and my coaches were proud of me,” she said.
In her first year of running the event, Selle said she’s come a long way in her progress. She started the season with times near a minute.
“We had to work on my starting and how I attacked the hurdles,” Selle said. “I had been working on it at practice pretty hard. It really pays off.”
Selle later teamed with Macy Mack, Megan Erickson and Emily Keller to place first in their own 1,600-meter relay in 4:11.37, about five full seconds faster than the qualifying time.
“I was really excited for the girls,” Jung said. “With our girls team, running a 400 isn’t one of their top events they’d like to do. Whenever I put them in that event, they kind of cringe. They weren’t running great times early in the year, and I wasn’t sure if we were going to qualify. A week ago we only missed it by .2 or .4 seconds and that really rejuvenated for them. We had a perfect day today. It’s such a tough race. I was so proud of them.”

Schock, already a qualifier in the mile and 800 meters, added the 400 to his state itinerary on Monday, finishing in first place in 51.71 seconds.
“The 800 has always been my favorite race, so when I qualified that, that was the cake, I guess you could say,” Schock said. “The mile was just an added bonus. The 400 was that last little bit, the icing.”
Wolf, in addition to the 1,600-meter relay triumph, also qualified in the 100 meters (11.35) and 200 meters (23.18).
“I had been close. I ran 11.55 twice (in the 100) and that’s .11 off, so I knew I could get it,” Wolf said. “I was in track last year, but I wasn’t as fast last year. This year, I’m faster, and qualifying all these events is kind of cool.”
Jung added: “Dalton Wolf had an unbelievable day. He was really pumped up after qualifying in the 100 and 200. He had been close in the 100, but he was a man on a mission today. Qualifying in three events in one day is pretty special. It’s a day he’ll never forget.”
* - denotes state qualifying result
Team scores: 1, Dickinson High 122.5. 2, Bismarck Legacy 103.5. 3, Bismarck St. Mary’s 100. 4, Bismarck Century 82. 5, Mandan 56. 6, Bismarck 40. 7, Williston 35.
100: 1, Dalton Wolf, D, 11.35*. 2, Ben Grinsteiner, SM, 11.38*. 3, Brett Ralph, W, 11.56.
200: 1, Dalton Wolf, D, 21.18. 2, Casey Bonagofsky, Man, 23.38. 3, Ben Grinsteiner, SM, 23.65.
400: 1, Collin Schock, D, 51.71. 2, Andrew Morgan, Man, 52.41. 3, Alex Anderson, L, 52.85.
800: 1, Brandon Kraenzel, C, 2:02.30. 2, Thomas Tieszen, L, 2:04.01. 3, Jaeger Marchant, L, 2:10.61.
1,600: 1, Joey Felton, C, 4:35.39. 2, Mason Stenehjem, C, 4:36.32. 3, Jaden Rittenbach, C, 4:37.20.
3,200: 1, Dan Finley, B, 9:56.78*. 2, Stuart Wolf, B, 10:27.68.
110 hurdles: 1, Dominic Martinez, W, 15.05*. 2, David Schwartz, SM, 16.16. 3, Casey Bonagofsky, Man, 16.24.
300 hurdles: 1, Dominic Martinez, W, 41.63*. 2, Jordan Sanford, B, 41.88*. 3, Mike Herauf, D, 42.18.
800 relay: 1, SM (Ben Grinsteiner, Cole Spies, Casey Uhler, Adam Fortney), 1:34.95. 2, D (Michael Mpezeni, Collin Schock, Logan Ackerman, Preston Borsheim), 1:39.23.
1,600 relay: 1, D (Collin Schock, Tanner Davidson, Mike Herauf, Dalton Wolf), 3:30.88*.
Pole vault: 1, Mike Herauf, D, 14-6*. 2, Kevin Vanderpan, C, 13-6*. 3, Logan Ackerman, D, 11-6.
Long jump: 1, Hunter Humann, L, 21-1.50*. 2, Colton Arman, B, 20-9*. 3, Cole Spies, SM, 20-6. 6, Collin Roller, D, 19-10.
Triple jump: 1, Casey Uhler, SM, 41-6.50*. 2, David Schwartz, SM, 40-7. 3, Cole Spies, SM, 38-3. 4, Wyatt Kainz, D, 37-10.
Shot put: 1, Tanner Holzer, L, 48-8*. 2, Christian Bowlinger, C, 47. 3, Derek Wax, L, 46-1. 5, Drew Heiser, D, 46.
Discus: 1, Devan Rohrich, Man, 129-6. 2, Corey Helm, L, 128-1. 3, Devin Beck, L, 125-9. 4, Drew Heiser, D, 124.
Javelin: 1, Derek Wax, L, 159. 2, Kevin Vanderpan, C, 157-10. 3, Mike Herauf, D, 150-5.

* - denotes state qualifying result
Team scores: 1, Bismarck 129.5. 2, Minot 116. 3, Bismarck Century 110.5. 4, Dickinson High 98. 5, Mandan, 83. 6, Bismarck Legacy 58. 7, Bismarck St. Mary’s 42. 8, Williston 16.
100: 1, MaKenna Kuhn, B, 12.78*. 2, Kaitlyn Gura, Man, 12.89*. 3, Mikayla Dietz, C, 12.94*. 4, Morgan Alexander, Min, 12.97*.
200: 1, Kaitlyn Gura, Man, 26.45*. 2, Alison Froelich, Man, 27.13. 3, Annika Arnold, Min, 27.28. 17, Esther Zaina, D, 28.28.
400: 1, Kayla Bloomquist, W, 59.71*. 2, Kaitlyn Gura, Man, 1:00.73*. 3, Mesa Tollefson, L, 1:03.07. 4, Aspen Galster, D, 1:03.98.
800: 1, Allie Nelson, Min, 2:25.12*. 2, Jacey Wilson, Man, 2:25.69. 3, Elizabeth Yoder, D, 2:26.91.
1,600: 1, Brianna Rittenbach, C, 5:26.99*. 2, Cadee Rykman, B, 5:31.28. 3, Abbie Wahlund, Min, 5:32.54. 10, Chelsea Anderson, D, 5:55.30.
3,200: 1, Kaycee Fry, Man, 12:32.75. 2, Abigail Folk, Min, 13.46.57.
100 hurdles: 1, Britta Curl, SM, 15.98*. 2, Chloe Lambrecht, C, 16.40*. 3, Nicole Streyle, B, 16.77.
300 hurdles: 1, Annika Arnold, Min, 47.13*. 2, Elle Hill, B, 47.61*. 3, Lauren Picard, Min, 48.08*. 4, Peyton Selle, D, 48.65*.
400 relay: 1, B, (Kate Dillman, Kierra Barth, Hannah Steckler, Elle Hill), 52.03*. 2, C, 53.37. 3, D (Esther Zaina, Ayana Freeman, Genesis Paul, Deserae Knight), 55.03.
800 relay: 1, SM (Elizabeth Preszler, Sydney Smith, Britta Curl, Darian Coghlan), 1:51.59. 2, Min, 1:57.68. 3, Man, 1:57.69. 4, D (Addie Kuehl, Ayana Freeman, Genesis Paul, McKenzie Mortensen), 2:00.64.
1,600 relay: 1, D (Macy Mack, Megan Erickson, Peyton Selle, Emily Keller), 4:11.37*. 2, Man, 4:25.35. 3, D (McKenzie Mortensen, Addie Kuehl, Maddy Hanel, Amber Hutzenbiler), 4:50.61.
High jump: 1, Kiera Wshola-Bauer, L, 5-1*. 2 (tie), Jordan Weeks, C; Calista Moch, C, 4-9.
Pole vault: 1, Lexi Jordheim, D, 9-3*. 2 (tie), Meghan Ackerman, D; Addie Kuehl, D, 8-9.
Long jump: 1, Taylor Weidner, L, 16-10*. 2, Jessica Foster, B, 16-9*. 3, Kaitlyn Emmil, L, 16-7. 8, Emily Keller, D, 15-10.5.
Triple jump: 1, Elise Klein, Min, 34-10.5*. 2, Morgan Kainz, D, 33-10. 3, Lexus Mosbrucker, B, 33-8.5.
Shot put: 1, Onna Scheuer, C, 35-7*. 2, Leah Grove, D, 35-6*. 3, Sierra Vetter, C, 35-2.
Discus: 1, Camari McCarroll, B, 121-3*. 2, Kylie VanderVorste, B, 115. 3, Megan Heick, SM, 108-9. 12, Raegan Linster, D, 97-6.
Javelin: 1, Britta Curl, SM, 119-2. 2, Camari McCarroll, B, 108-8. 3, Madison Lehner, Min, 99-8. 10, Jace Steier, D, 87-7.

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