National competitors announced following NDHSRA rodeo finals

2021 North Dakota High School Rodeo Final was held in Bowman, June 9-13.

Bowman Fairgrounds held the 2021 NDHSRF from June 9-13. (Josiah C. Cuellar/The Dickinson Press)

Every year over 1,500 high school students make their way into the National High School Rodeo Association rodeo finals, but first have to shine in their own backyard. From the barrier racing and bronc riding to breakaway roping and steer riding, only the top four state contestants will see themselves at the highest level of high school rodeo.

Despite the hot weather, Bowman’s steady breeze kept the stands filled to witness the young rodeo athletes compete for state placement and nationals qualifiers. The North Dakota High School Rodeo Final was held at the Bowman County Fairgrounds last week.

“These kids are fun to work with, and have been going great too,” Dennis Heid, one of the official judges, said. “Weather was rather breezy (Friday) so we had to make the move indoors which the kids kind of didn't like. They also wanted to be outside because of the fresh air, but the indoors made it a good opportunity for each kid to have an equal chance to compete.”

Heid has been a judge for several years and is happy to see the skill and character of the riders that will represent North Dakota values at nationals.

“It's fun to watch these kids progress from freshmen to seniors. It is sad when you see the seniors leave but you meet them down the road somewhere,” Heid said. “We have great kids that respect everything. There was a gentleman this morning, who instead of injuring and getting time in the calf roping , he reached back to cut the rope so it wouldn't hurt the calf or the horse. He basically got nothing out of the deal but that's sportsmanship and good awareness of the animals safety.”


The feeling can be said to be mutual from the riders as well. The top team ropers qualifiers, Zack Berger of Belfield and Arena Delorme of Dickinson, spoke highly of the officials being fair and how they respect them and their calls.

Berger attends Belfield public school while Delorme is schooled in South Heart. The team was ahead by 23 points before Sunday morning and finished 20 points ahead after the short go.

“It has been really fun, I am just glad that we got to come here,” Delorme said. “It felt good to get us a little boost up there. As long as there is a chance I am happy.”

There were 13 events at the rodeo final and out of those national spots, nine of them were filled with riders out of Dickinson.

The two ropers have been involved in rodeo starting at an early age. Berger says it started at the time that he could walk and is very proud to be representing North Dakota at nationals.

“My parents got me started into rodeo at a younger age … I think North Dakota is one of the best rodeo communities,” Berger said. “We cheer for everyone else and they cheer for us.”

Carlee Roshau grabs the final national qualifiers spot as she places fourth in the pole bending event. (Josiah C. Cuellar/The Dickinson Press)


Results: top four of each event

Bareback Riding:

1. Chance Isaak, Richardton, 133.5; 2. Lathan Demontigny, Rugby, 112; 3. Treven Coonradt, Dickinson, 99.5; 4. Cayden Kling, Belfield, 86.

Bull Riding:

1. Lathan Demontigny, Rugby, 93.5; 2. Kasen Johnson, Mandaree, 66; 3. Treven Coonradt, Dickinson, 47; 4. Brody Nelson, Minot, 38.

Boy Cow Cutting:

1. Parker Sandstrom, Ray, 135; 2. Jayden Morgan, Baldwin, 133; 3. Colter Martin, Beulah, 131; 4. Sean Christensen, Sidney, Montana, 130.

Bronc Riding:


1. Kain Stroh, Dickinson, 105; 2. Colter Martin, Beulah, 96; 3. Kelin Keplin, Saint John, 62; 4. Ty Brenna, Keene, 43.

Steer Wrestling:

1. Parker Sandstrom, Ray,100; 2. Cael Hilzendeger, Baldwin, 94; 3. Kenneth Hagen, Mandan, 84; 4. Chasyn Ystaas, Dickinson, 75.

Team Roping:

1. Zack Berger and Arena Delorme, Belfield and Dickinson, 164; 2. Teigen Marmon and Clay Schmalz, Bowman, 144; 3. Danielle Fladeland and Tel Sorenson, Minot and Watford City, 132; 4. Chasyn Ystaas and Trey Bohlman, Dickinson and Richardton, 160.

Barrel Racing:

1. Kelly Bang, Killdeer, 94.5; 2. Trista Hovde, Sidney, Montana, 92; 3. Kiarra Reiss, Dickinson, 78; 4. Kenzie Homelvig, Rhame, 75.

Breakaway Roping:

1. Danielle Fladeland, Minot, 81; 2. Tess Mortenson, Souris, 75; 3. Kelly Bang, Killdeer, 70; 4. Kiarra Reiss, Dickinson, 70.

Girl Cow Cutting:

1. Reagan Hildre, Velva, 120; 2. Carlee Roshau, Bismarck, 114; 3. Kazanne Gjermundson, Marshall, 112.5; 4. Isabelle Northrop, Golva,102.

Goat Tying:

1. Elli Rettinger, New England, 125; 2. Josi Schwab, Linton, 95.5; 3. Molly Rotenberger, Ludlow, 88; 4. Jayda Mille, Bowman, 81.

Pole Bending:

1. Kelly Bang, Killdeer, 107; 2. Megan Larson, Hoople, 102; 3. Cassidy Davidson, Mandan, 89; 4. Carlee Roshau, Bismarck, 80.

Tie Down Roping:

1. Chasyn Ystaas, Dickinson,109; 2. Luke Mavity, Dickinson, 93; 3. Tyler Hansen, Killdeer, 73.5; 4. Cael Hilzendeger, Baldwin,69.

Reined Cow Horse:

1. Parker Sandstrom, Ray, 76; 2. Tess Mortenson, Souris, 62.5; 3. Faith Heim, Bismarck, 61; 4. Colter Martin, Beulah, 56.5.

Sandstrom got first place in the boys all around category competing in five events and placing first in three of them. For the girls all around, Bang took first by 2.5 points, leading the top of the table in two of the four events she competed in.

The National High School Finals Rodeo will be from July 18-24, held in Lincoln, Nebraska, the original location for the 2020 NHSFR. They changed venues last year due to the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department acting on the risk of overwhelming their local health resources amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Josiah C. Cuellar was born in San Angelo, Texas, a small rural community in the western part of the state known for its farming, ranching and beautiful Concho River. A Texas A&M San Antonio graduate specializing in multi-media reporting, Cuellar is an award winning photographer and reporter whose work focuses on community news and sports.
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