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National Safe Boating Week continues through May 26

The annual week-long event serves to educate boaters and water users heading into summer.

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As boating, fishing and water recreation activity increases from late spring through summer, boaters should take the time to plan, prepare and adhere to safety rules and regulations.
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BISMARCK – National Safe Boating Week, a week-long safe boating public awareness campaign , began Saturday, May 20, and continues through Friday, May 26, the North Dakota Game and Fish Department said.

The annual event serves to educate boaters and water users heading into summer.

A boat should have enough U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets on board for all passengers. North Dakota law requires all children ages 10 and younger to wear a personal flotation device while in boats of less than 27 feet in length. The law also requires all personal watercraft users to wear a life jacket, as well as anyone towed on skis, tubes, boards or other similar devices. However, state law allows an individual who is at least 16 years of age to windsurf or boardsail without wearing a PFD.

There are currently about 470 bighorn sheep in the populations managed by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, National Park Service and the Three Affiliated Tribes Fish and Wildlife Division.

In addition, effective Aug. 1, a new North Dakota state law will allow an individual engaged in barefoot skiing or surfing to wear a wetsuit. A life preserver must be on board the towing vessel.

Water users should make sure to wear life jackets that are the appropriate size and in good condition. Failure to wear a personal flotation device is the main reason people lose their lives in water recreation accidents.


Water skiers and tubers should wear a life jacket with four nylon straps rather than one with a zipper, because straps are stronger than zippers upon impact with water. Anglers and people paddling a canoe, kayak or paddleboard should opt for a PFD that is comfortable enough to wear for an entire outing.

It is also important that children wear a PFD while swimming. Swimmers should know the water’s depth, as serious injuries can occur from diving. Large objects hidden below the water’s surface can lead to significant injury.

North Dakota boaters are also reminded that marine VHF radios are an important part of boat safety that should not be improperly used by operators. These radios are intended for boat operators in distress and facing an emergency situation.

Regulations to help ensure safe boating this summer are found in the North Dakota Boat and Water Safety Guide .

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