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Locally grown talent: North Dakota pair wins team roping, Montana cowboy victorious on the bulls

Dickinson's own Nikki Hansen rounds turn two in the barrel racing competition on Saturday, June 30, at the Stark County Fairgrounds. (Shelby Reardon / The Dickinson Press)1 / 5
Blake Smith takes advantage of his re-ride option on Saturday, June 30, during the Roughrider Days Rodeo. (Shelby Reardon / The Dickinson Press)2 / 5
Cade Swor of Texas works fast during the tie-down roping event at the Roughrider Days Rodeo on Saturday, June 30. (Shelby Reardon / The Dickinson Press)3 / 5
Miles Spickelmier of South Dakota in action during the steer wrestling portion of the Roughrider Days Rodeo on Saturday, June 30 at Stark County Fairgrounds. (Shelby Reardon / The Dickinson Press)4 / 5
Ty Tescher of Sidney, Mont., tied for first place in bull riding with a score of 83 on Saturday, June 30, at the Stark County Fairgrounds. (Shelby Reardon / The Dickinson Press)5 / 5

With two nights of competition in the books, cowboys and cowgirls competing in the Roughrider Days Rodeo on Saturday had some big boots to fill if they wanted to win their respective events.

In team roping, the time to beat was 5.5 seconds.

In one of the earlier runs of the night, Clint Summers and partner Erich Rogers tied that. However, in a blazing 5.1 seconds, Jamestown's Chance Rosencrans and Upham native Jesse Fredrickson took the crown, earning $2,744 dollars each on Saturday, June 30, at the Stark County Fairgrounds.

The two aren't strangers to winning rodeos though, as they've been competing together since they were young.

"We started together in junior high, we high school rodeoed together, and then Jesse went on to the PRCA when he turned 18 and this is my first year going," Rosencrans said. "Him and I have amateur rodeoed the last four years, but this is our first year going to the pro rodeos together."

Cade Swor of Winnie, Texas, was the only other competitor on Saturday to surpass the person sitting in first after night two. In tie-down roping he emerged victorious, securing his calf 9.6 seconds.

In bull riding, an 83 was the number to beat. While most cowboys scored in the low to mid 70s, Ty Tescher of Sidney, Mont., matched the rodeo-high of 83 on the back of Korkow Rodeos bull Grand Puba.

In saddle bronc and bareback riding, competitors weren't so lucky. On Thursday, Steven Dent of Nebraska put up an 84 on Feather Fluffer in the bareback competition, which no no one else came close to. Second place went to Dylan Wahlert with a 78.5.

On Saturday, Blake Smith of Zap had the best luck. Following his reride, he posted a 71, improving his original score by four points.

The situation was similar in saddle bronc, with no Saturday rider coming within five points of Kolby Wanchuk, who sat in first with an 87. Kash Deal, of Dupree, S.D., was the only competitor to break the 80 barrier. He earned 81 points on the back of Boogers Pet, tying for fifth place and a $462 dollar payout.

Dent also finished third in saddle bronc, taking home the All-Around Cowboy award and a total payout of $3,283 dollars.

While she didn't take home nearly as much, Dickinson's own Nikki Hansen was happy to compete at home. She finished 12th in barrel racing with a time of 18.91 seconds.

The 31-year old has competed many times at the Dickinson Rodeo, as she lived in nearby Vale, S.D. before moving to town, although she's never won the event.

Kaylee Gallino took first this year, with a ride of 17.84 seconds.

"It was great," Hansen said. "I rode my mare, Mia Hamm, and she worked great. She always does. She handles the mud well. It's not ideal conditions, but the committee did the best they could. We're just very thankful for the rain. We're ranchers, so we're happy when it rains."

Results after three performances:

All-around cowboy: Steven Dent, $3,283, bareback riding and saddle bronc riding.

Bareback riding: 1. Steven Dent, 84 points on Korkow Rodeos' Feather Fluffer, $1,973; 2. Dylan Wahlert, 78.5, $1,495; 3. Ty Breuer, 78, $1,076; 4. Cacheman Hill, 76.5, $717; 5. (tie) Tucker Zingg and Troy Vaira, 76, $359 each.

Steer wrestling: 1. Eli Lord, 4.0 seconds, $2,486; 2. Joe Nelson, 4.6, $2,162; 3. Jason Reiss, 4.7, $1,838; 4. Evan Entze, 4.8, $1,513; 5. Brent Sutton, 5.0, $1,189; 6. Cameron Morman, 5.2, $865; 7. Del Day, 5.3, $541; 8. (tie) Tanner Brunner and Trever Nelson, 5.4, $108 each.

Team roping: 1. Chance Rosencrans/Jesse Fredrickson, 5.1 seconds, $2,744 each; 2. (tie) Blake Teixeira/Tanner Luttrell and Erich Rogers/Clint Summers, 5.5, $2,207 each; 4. Cody Hilzendeger/Luke Morast, 6.1, $1,670; 5. Braden Pirrung/Matt Zancanella, 6.2, $1,312; 6. Jason Vohs/Chad Ystaas, 6.4, $954; 7. Joshua Torres/Jonathan Torres, 6.8, $597; 8. Eli Lord/Jade Nelson, 7.1, $239.

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Kolby Wanchuk, 87 points on Korkow Rodeos' Bad Onion, $2,312; 2. Dusty Hausauer, 86, $1,773; 3. Steven Dent, 84, $1,310; 4. JJ Elshere, 82, $848; 5. (tie) Kole Ashbacher and Kash Deal, 81, $462 each; 7. (tie) Cree Minkoff and Jesse Bail, 79.5, $270 each.

Tie-down roping: 1. Cade Swor, 9.6 seconds, $2,184; 2. Trell Etbauer, 10.0, $1,899; 3. Bryson Sechrist, 10.5, $1,614; 4. Riley Pruitt, 10.6, $1,329; 5. Dane Kissack, 12.7, $1,044; 6. Joey Dickens, 13.0, $760; 7. Lane Jeffrey, 13.3, $475; 8. Kyle Dickens, 13.5, $190.

Barrel racing: 1. Kaylee Gallino, 17.84 seconds, $2,649; 2. Lisa Anderson, 17.91, $2,252; 3. Tiany Schuster, 18.22, $1,854; 4. Hali Gjermundson, 18.25, $1,589; 5. Jessica Routier, 18.36, $1,324; 6. (tie) Samantha Jorgenson and Shelby Lyn Gill, 18.41, $795 each; 8. Rene Cloninger, 18.47, $530; 9. Ahnna Peterson, 18.70, $464; 10. (tie) Christy Willert and Wanda Brown, 18.71, $364 each; 12. Nikki Hansen, 18.91, $265.

Bull riding: 1. (tie) Ty Tescher, on Korkow Rodeos' Grand Puba, and Stetson Lawrence, on Korkow Rodeos' Little Turbo, 83 points, $2,342 each; 3. Bart Miller, 82, $1,502; 4. Rorey Maier, 81, $972; 5. Cordell Curtis, 80.5, $619; 6. Tate Smith, 79.5, $442; 7. Jeff Bertus, 79, $353; 8. Dylan Hice Vick, 75, $265.

Total payoff: $84,333. Stock contractor: Korkow Rodeos.