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Dickinson's Mavity places in goat tying at NJHFR with record-breaking time

Luke Mavity competes at the National Junior High Finals Rodeo at Huron, S.D., during early July. (Photo courtesy of Kathryn Mavity)1 / 2
Dickinson eighth-grader Luke Mavity (fifth from the right) poses with his fastest time buckle along with the top-10 finishers of the goat tying event during the National Junior High Finals Rodeo. (Photo courtesy of Kathryn Mavity)2 / 2

Dickinson's own Luke Mavity is officially a world record holder.

In his second go in goat tying at the National Junior High Finals Rodeo, Mavity recorded a time of 7.96 seconds, earning him a gold-plated fastest time buckle and bringing his average to 31.7 seconds, good for 11th best in the nation.

"My first run I was a little bit slower," Mavity recalled. "I ran a 13 (13.71 seconds) and that was pretty slow down there. So then in the second go I just wanted to make a smooth run, and I made it seven."

Mavity, an eighth-grader, also finished 15th overall in chute dogging, with an average of 15.82. Alongside Sidney Sandstrom of Ray, he earned 38th in ribbon roping, and with team roping partner Teigen Marmon, Mavity placed 49th with a time of 13.54 seconds in Huron, S.D.

Making the goat tying ride all the more sweet, Mavity rode the first horse he ever goat tied on, Ricky, who is 22 years old.

"He's just an old man. The way that he looks when he comes down into that arena, when you get to look at all the pictures, his little ears are forward, like, 'What's in there? What are we going at?' Then the minute Luke let him see the goat, his ears just pinned backward," Mavity's mother, Kathryn, said of Ricky. "I remember Luke being like 9 years old when we first got him and then to be able to go and make a world record on him, that's what brought tears to my eyes. Yes, he did very well, but who he was on really mattered too."

Mavity rode his success into the following weekend at the National Little Britches Rodeo in Guthrie, Okla., running from July 9-15.

"I felt like I could do good at Little Britches," Mavity said. "Going in ... I felt like I was doing my best in goat tying at that point."

He won the average in goat tying but finished second overall, just six points behind winner Denton Good. In addition to his Junior Boy's Reserve World Champion status in goat tying, he finished 30th in breakaway roping.

"Boys don't tie goats after eighth grade, so what a career end," Kathryn Mavity said.

Belfield native Cayden Kling faired well at the NJHFR, finishing second in boys breakaway with a time of 9.62 seconds. He also earned 23rd in bull riding, 35th in saddle bronc steer riding and 58th in bareback steer riding.

Marmon, who placed 113th in goat tying, wasn't the only Bowman product to perform on the national stage.

Saylor Wilson and Jayda Miller of Bowman placed 32nd and 138th in barrel racing, respectively. Also, Quaid Lardy completed the boy's breakaway event in 6.55 seconds, good for 82nd place.

With a score of 82, Hunter Kluver of Killdeer finished 19th in saddle bronc steer riding. Also out of Killdeer, Tyler Hanson finished 83rd in chute dogging.

More recently, local riders competed in the National High School Finals Rodeo from July 15-21 at Rock Springs, Wyo.

Abby Hepper of Keene placed 10th in barrel racing with an average time of 53.009 seconds.

Karly Bang of Killdeer finished 44th in girl's cow cutting. Not far behind her was Anna Jorgenson of Watford City in 53rd, while Richardton's Josie Wicks earned 86th.

Jorgenson also competed in reined cow horse, placing 72nd. In breakaway roping she placed 77th and in pole bending, she finished 125th, just two spots behind Sydney Mossett of Hazen. Kelly Bang of Killdeer finished 155th in the same event.

Representing North Dakota in the saddle bronc event, Jake Leppell of Keene earned 39th with a score of 49. Representing Dickinson, Keenan Pierce finished 43rd in the nation in steer wrestling with a time of 23.61.

National High School Finals Rodeo

Results by Average

Barrel racing: 1, Amanda Butler, Utah, 52.139. 10, Abby Hepper, Keene, N.D., 53.009. 24, Lauren Topp, Grace City, N.D., 35.676. 138, Cashae MgGee, Rhame, N.D., 41.548.

Bareback riding: 1, Daylon Swearingen, N.Y., 229. 11, Ben Kramer, Towner, N.D., 189. 18, Tucker Depew, Pingree, N.D., 130. 38, Tanner Berger, Mandan, N.D., 53.

Boy's cow cutting: 1, Carson Ray, Texas, 448. 23, Caydon Roshau, Bismarck, N.D., 282. 29, Cody Tokach, St. Anthony, N.D., 279. 52, Clay Gerhardt, Mandan, N.D., 268. 68, Parker Sandstrom, Ray, N.D. 248.

Girl's cow cutting: 1, McKenna Coronado, Utah, 446. 44, Karly Bang, Killdeer, N.D., 272. 53, Anna Jorgenson, Watford City, N.D., 268.5. 79, Isabelle Northrop, Golva, N.D., 255. 86, Josie Wicks, Richardton, N.D., 253. 88, Mattie Mastel, Marmarth, N.D., 248.

Breakaway roping: 1, Cassie Miller, Ariz., 8.1. 38, Morgan Foss, Harwood, N.D., 2.34. 63, Rebekah Nottestad, Mandan, N.D., 3.29. 77, Jorgenson, 3.79.

Bull riding: 1, Cole Skender, Ark., 157.

Tie-down roping: Trae Smith, Idaho, 28.78. 5, Keaton Rustad, Kindred, N.D., 33.66. 82, Colton Carlson, Jamestown, N.D., 13.57. 119, Shane Sorge, Bismarck, N.D., 27.62.

Goat tying: 1, Erryn Hodson, Utah, 22.39. 115, Topp, 9.66. 125, Chanci Kraft, Carson, N.D., 10.83.

Pole bending: 1, Brooklyn Gunter, La. 113, Cassidy Davidson, Mandan, N.D., 51.204. 123, Sydney Mosset, Hazen, N.D., 52.137. 125, Jorgenson, 52.322. 155, Kelly Bang, Killdeer, N.D., 21.421.

Saddle bronc: 1, Cash Wilson, Wall, S.D., 217. 39, Jake Leppell, Keene, N.D., 49.

Steer wrestling: 1, Jesse Keysaer, Tenn., 14.17. 5, Riley Reiss, Manning, N.D., 17.85. 33, Justin Inglis, Regan, N.D., 17.57. 37, Garret Arndorfer, Mandan, N.D., 18.99. 43, Keenan Pierce, Dickinson, N.D., 23.61.

Team roping: 1, Breck Ward and Trae Smith, Idaho, 19.65. 26, Gerhardt and Roshau, 27.07. 43, Nevada Berquist, Watford City, N.D. and Jesse Chase, Mandaree, N.D., 6.9.

Reined cow horse: 1, Josh Briggs, Texas, 877. 62, Haley Vollmer, Wing, N.D., 538.5. 72, Jorgenson, 534.5. 80, Sierre Ellingson, St. Anthony, N.D., 523.5. 92, Mastel, 487.5.

All-Around rookie cowboy: Keenan Hayes, Colo., 1120.

All-Around cowboy: Trae Smith, Idaho, 1,190.

All-Around rookie cowgirl: Tylor Todd, Kan., 585.

All-Around cowgirl: McKenna Coronado, Utah, 1,265.

Girl's team standings: 1, Utah 5647.5. 23, North Dakota 870.

Boy's team standings: 1, Texas 56800. 13, North Dakota 1,775.

Team standings: 1, Texas 11,275. 15, North Dakota 2,645.

National Junior High Finals Rodeo

Results by average

Barrel racing: Karsyn Daniels, Texas, 47.319. 32, Saylor Wilson, Bowman, N.D., 33.277. 74, Rayna Mortenson, Souris, N.D., 34.526.138, Jayda Miller, Bowman, N.D., 42.981. 149, Rilee Reis, Bismarck, N.D., 44.595.

Bareback steer riding: 1, Kade Madsen, Utah, 188. 9, Lathan DeMontigny, Rugby, N.D., 158. 23, Cole Gerhardt, Mandan, N.D., 95. 33, Izaak Boekelman, Arnegard, N.D. 58, Cayden Kling, Belfield, N.D., 47.

Boy's breakaway: 1, Stone Reeves, Miss., 9.12. 2, Kling, 9.62. 3, Gerhardt, 9.79. 35, Chance Mickelson, Foxholm, N.D., 17.61. 82, Quaid Lardy, Bowman, N.D., 6.55.

Boy's goat tying: 1, Riley Webb, Texas, 27.32. 11, Luke Mavity, Dickinson, N.D., 31.7. 16, Logan Topp, Grace City, N.D., 38.67. 44, DeMontigny, 24.57. 71, Colton Turbiville, Rhame, N.D., 28.34. 113, Teigen Marmon, Bowman, N.D., 9.59.

Bull riding: 1, Canyon Bass, Texas, 219. 23, Kling, 123. 34, Boekelman, 70.

Chute dogging: 1, Brady Barringer, Iowa, 7.7. 15, Mavity, 15.82. 48, Kaulder Kvamme, Carrington, N.D., 21.03. 77, Cael Hilzendeger, Baldwin, N.D., 3.12. 83, Tyler Hanson, Killdeer, N.D., 4.93.

Girl's breakaway: 1, Josie Connor, La. 8.27. 72, Sidney Sandstrom, Ray, N.D., 4.45. 82, Mortenson, 6.16. 97, Peyton Goldade, Baldwin, N.D., 13.44. 98, Dani Fladeland, Minot, N.D., 13.78.

Girl's goat tying: 1, Logan Wilson, Miss., 23.17. 35, Fladeland, 20.07. 60, Miller, 22.51. 122, Wilson, 8.81. 156, Mortenson, 14.88.

Pole bending: 1, Jaylee Young, Okla., 61.235. 8, Fladeland, 63.192. 28, Ella Begger, Mandan, N.D., 43.579. 109, Mortenson, 50.759. 156, Megan Larson, Hoople, N.D., 21.74.

Ribbon roping: 1, Luke Dubois and Grace Dubois, La., 25.5. 12, Hansen and Kiarra Reiss, Dickinson, N.D., 19.66. 24, Mavity and Sandstrom, 25.62. 28, Lathan and Kaedyn DeMontigny, 26.93. 113, Mortenson and Ty Scott, Manitoba, 22.41.

Saddle bronc steer riding: 1, Gus Gaillard, Texas, 187. 19, Hunter Kluver, Killdeer, N.D., 82. 35, Kling, 43.

Team roping: 1, Denim Ross and Levi Schmidt, Alb., 24.35. 38, Mavity and Marmon, 13.54. 47, Turbiville and Holden Meged, Mont., 15.12.

Tie-down roping: 1, Cauy Masters, Iowa, 34.69. 18, Hansen, 24.52. 46, DeMontigny, 11.84. 49, Mavity, 12.8. 87, Chase Heim, Bismarck, N.D., 25.05.

All-Around Rookie Cowboy: Coy Montgomery, Calif., 815.

All-Around Cowboy: Gus Gaillard, Texas, 1595.

All-Around Rookie Cowgirl: Young, 1130.

All-Around Cowgirl: Young

Girl's team standings: 1, Texas 4,630. 20, North Dakota 650.

Boy's team standings: 1, Texas 7,685. 9, North Dakota 3,040.