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Boore wins back-to-back Champions Ride victories

Allen Boore won the 62nd Annual Champions Ride at Home on the Range in Sentinel Butte on Saturday, August 3. (Shelby Reardon / The Dickinson Press)1 / 2
Brody Cress earned an 86, the highest score in the first round, but an injury kept him from performing in the second round of the Champions Ride on Saturday, August 3, at Home on the Range in Sentinel Butte. (Shelby Reardon / The Dickinson Press)2 / 2

SENTINEL BUTTE — For the second year in a row, Allen Boore was the victor at the Champions Ride in Sentinel Butte.

In the short go, he busted out of the chute on 'Lunatic from Hell', hung on to the leaping horse, pulling out with a day-high 93 at the 62nd annual Champions Ride on Saturday, August 4 at Home on the Range.

"This is an awesome place to come. Even if you don't win, but it's great to win once and eve better to win a second year in a row," Boore said. "I've always really enjoyed this rodeo. I try to come back every chance I can.

Since he won the 2017 contest as well, Boore faced 2018 second place finisher CoBurn Bradshaw. Bradshaw earned a 70 in the ride-off while Boore collected the additional win with a 75.

Bradshaw edged out Clay Elliott in the second round by earning a 90.5 while Elliott earned a 90 after both posted an 83 in the first round.

The three were the only 90-point rides in the short-go.

"I know drawing good dang-sure helps," Boore said. "But just being able to make a good ride on a really good horse adds up. A bunch of little things makes up a big difference."

Boore, a 27-year-old from Axtell, Utah, fared well in the long round as well, putting up an 83.5, marginally better than Bradshaw's 83.

Unfortunately for him, the rider with the highest score in the first go couldn't compete in the short round.

Brody Cress had a high-energy horse under him, but he powered through with grace. Following the buzzer, the 22-year-old leapt off his horse for a flying dismount, but landed badly. Cress was aided by EMTS, leaving the ring in an ambulance with what appeared to be a lower right leg or ankle injury.

Before they closed the doors, though, the announcer said over the mic,

"Brody, I have to tell you one thing. You rode an 86."

Just days earlier, Cress won the saddle bronc event at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

"You just hope the best, that they'll be able to come back quick," Boore said. "It may not be as bad as it looked and you hope they'll come back as soon as they can."

Behind Cress, Sterling Crawley had the next-highest first-round score with an 84.5.

Dickinson native Dusty Hausauer earned an 81.5 in the first round and a 79 in the second.

A percentage of the funds raised from the Champions Ride goes to Home on the Range, "a therapeutic, working ranch ... that provides education, therapy, spiritual guidance, and recreational and work activities," according to the website.

Saddle bronc riding: First round: 1. Brody Cress, 86 points on Burch Rodeo's Professional Lunatic, $3,096; 2. Sterling Crawley, 85.5, $2,374; 3. Zeke Thurston, 85, $1,755; 4. (tie) Bradley Harter, Allen Boore and Cort Scheer, 83.5, $791 each; 7. (tie) CoBurn Bradshaw and Clay Elliott, 83, $361 each. Finals: 1. Allen Boore, 93 points on Burch Rodeo's No. 873, $2,271; 2. CoBurn Bradshaw, 90.5, $1,720; 3. Clay Elliott, 90, $1,239; 4. (tie) Wyatt Casper and Joey Sonnier, 84, $654 each; 6. (tie) Sterling Crawley and Zeke Thurston, 83, $172 each. Average: 1. Allen Boore, 176.5 points on two head, $5,161; 2. CoBurn Bradshaw, 173.5, $3,956; 3. Clay Elliott, 173, $2,924; 4. Sterling Crawley, 168.5, $1,892; 5. Zeke Thurston, 168, $1,204; 6. Cort Scheer, 166, $860; 7. (tie) Wyatt Casper and Joey Sonnier , 164.5, $602 each.