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Pfeiffer finds luck

Steven Pfeiffer had chased Jay Noteboom for 29 laps in the Dakota Classic Modified Tour's A-Main feature race Thursday night -- not counting the roughly 200 feet of backstretch when Pfeiffer overtook Noteboom for a few short seconds.

Steven Pfeiffer
Steven Pfeiffer of Bowbells ended a six-year drought of wins on the Dakota Classic Modified Tour on Thursday night at the Southwest Speedway
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Steven Pfeiffer had chased Jay Noteboom for 29 laps in the Dakota Classic Modified Tour's A-Main feature race Thursday night -- not counting the roughly 200 feet of backstretch when Pfeiffer overtook Noteboom for a few short seconds.

So when Noteboom stalled on Turn 1 of the Southwest Speedway shortly after taking the white flag, Pfeiffer took over the lead and hung on for the last two laps following a restart to take the checkered flag and break a Tour draught that had plagued him since 2003.

"Sometimes bad luck for one person is another person's good luck," said Pfeiffer, an eight-year DCMT veteran from Bowbells.

Noteboom, a Hinton, Iowa driver leading the Tour's point standings, looked to have staved off a potential problem when his hood came unhooked on the 25th lap and flopped on the left side of his car for four laps.

But, with less than a lap remaining, Noteboom hit a rut going around the first turn and lost control. He kept himself from spinning out, but couldn't keep the car going, causing a caution and pushing him to the back of a 14-car pack. He finished 10th.


"That's what happens," Noteboom said. "It's bad luck starting on the front row, I said that already earlier in the night. I never have any luck starting on the front."

Noteboom will take a 20-point lead into tonight's Tour championship races at Mandan's Dacotah Speedway.

Noteboom took a lighthearted look at his misfortune, and so did his traveling partner, Mike Hansen of Alton, Iowa. Hansen ended up second after chasing Pfieffer and Noteboom much of the race.

"He's never gonna hear the end of that," Hansen said with a laugh.

While Noteboom was laughing off his finish, Pfeiffer was cracking open a beer and leaning up against his car with a wide smile as handshake after handshake came his way.

"The beginning of the tour has just been brutal," Pfeiffer said. "Bad draws, not being fast, not being up to par and just fighting the car. I've loved this car all year and then we get to Estevan (Saskatchewan) and I struggled a little bit. I finally get this one tonight."

The victory moved Pfeiffer from 30th to 15th place in the Tour standings. While he can't finish much higher than the mid-teens, Pfeiffer is happy to just have a victory.

"I'm out of the points, but when you can just race to win, that's the cool thing," Pfeiffer said.


While there were 60 Modified cars at the track for the fifth night of the Tour, the Southwest Speedway also ran both its Pure Stocks and Wissota Street Stocks classes with both counting toward season standings.

The Street Stocks feature moved fast, and up front for most of the race was John Feist.

The Bismarck driver and last season's track runner-up returned to the Southwest Speedway for the first time since wrecking the front end of his car during the season opener on May 30.

Feist's return went far better than he expected. He won his heat race and held off Josh Olheiser to capture the feature.

"You can't ask for a better night," said Feist, who added that he had put the finishing touches on the rebuilding of his car at about 11 p.m. Wednesday night. "... I can't ask for anything better for the first night back after the rebuild."

Pure Stocks points leader Travis Olheiser of Dickinson took the victory in his feature after taking over the lead following an early caution.

Olheiser had to battle both Zach Frederick and Cal Praus down the stretch. But his biggest challenge came from getting around Leevon Pinnow, who was at the back of the pack and ended up in the way of the three leaders as they came into the final turn.

"He slowed me down quite a bit there," said Olheiser, who stuck to the low side of the track that had worked for him most of the night. "... I was staying down by the tires. It was working really good."


Dakota Classic Modified Tour

Night 5 (Unofficial results)

At Southwest Speedway, Dickinson


Heat 1: 1, Ricky Alvarado, Delta, Colo. 2, Allen Kent, Minot. 3, Todd Dart, Algoma, Wis. 4, Les McLenehan, Estevan, Sask. 5, Tommy Lee, Grenora. 6, Jason Wolla, Williston. 7, Paul Donnelly, Great Falls, Mont. 8, Corey Westerness, Williston. 9, Brian Brennen, Rozet, Wyo. 10, Dennis Durmas, Grand Junction, Colo, (DNF). 11, Mike Hagen, Williston (DNF).

Heat 2: 1, Will Brack, Meade, Colo. 2, Brendan Gemmil, Ponca City, Okla. 3, Fran Martin, Lefor. 4, Tyson Turnbull, Estevan, Sask. 5, Dale Burwick, Dickinson. 6, Trent Johnson, Mohall. 7, Kirk Wojahn, Gladstone. 8, Mike White, Glendive, Mont. 9, Brent Schlaffman, Bismarck (DNF). 10, Ben Seidler, Underwood (DNF).

Heat 3: 1, Aaron Turnbull, Estevan, Sask. 2, Tracey Domagala, Bismarck. 3, Marlyn Seidler, Underwood. 4, Troy Gemmil, Ponca City, Okla. 5, Matt Brack, Meade, Colo. 6, Troy Heupel, Williston. 7, Randy Burwick, Hettinger. 8, Grant Junghans, Manhattan, Kan. (DNF). 9, Paul Leach, Sun River, Mont. 10, Kelly Bauman, Weyburn, Sask. (DNF).

Heat 4: 1, David Thome, Spaulding, Neb. 2, Shawn Strand, Bismarck. 3, Wyatt Olson, Minot. 4, Spencer Wilson, Minot. 5, Tyler Wagner, Bienfait, Sask. 6, Rusty Corneliusen, Dickinson. 7, Darrell Bauer, Mandan. 8, Dave Dease, Medcine Hat, Alberta. 9, Chase Junghans, Manhattan, Kan. (DNF). 10, Eric Folstad, Glenburn (DNF).

Heat 5: 1, Steven Pfeiffer, Bowbells. 2, Devin Raynard, Benson, Sask. 3, Robert Hellebust, West Fargo. 4, Eric Paul, Dickinson. 5, Josh Jones, Dickinson. 6, Dwight Burwick, Dickinson. 7, Pete Bradley, Williston. 8, Troy Hollinger, Lefor. 9, John Flory, Williston (DNF). 10, Chris Hortness, Bienfait, Sask. (DNF).

Heat 6: 1, Jay Noteboom, Hinton, Iowa. 2, Hank Berry, Sidney, Mont. 3, Steven Kuntz, Bismarck. 4, Mike Hansen, Alton, Iowa. 5, Randy Sandvick, Killdeer. 6, Chase Rumble, Hotchkiss, Colo. 7, John Barber, Swift Current, Sask. 8, Jerry Storjohann, Killdeer (DNF). 9, Mark Dahl, Bismarck (DNF). 10, Jason Dinius, Dickinson (DNS).

B-Main 1: 1, Lee. 2, Dart. 3, Donnelly. 4, Durmas. 5, Westerness. 6, Dale Burwick. 7, White. 8, T. Turnbull (DNF). 9, T. Johnson (DNF). 10, Brennan (DNF). 11, Wojahn, (DNF). 12, McLenehan (DNF). 12, Schlaffman (DNF). 13, Martin (DNF). 14, Wolla (DNS). 15, B. Seidler (DNS). 16, Hagen (DNS).

B-Main 2: 1, T. Gemmil. 2, M. Seidler. 3, Olson. 4, C. Junghans. 5, Wilson. 6, Wagner. 7, Folstad. 8, Dease. 9, Bauman. 10, R. Burwick. 11, Corneliusen. 12, Heupel. 13, Leach (DNF). 14, G. Junghans (DNF). 15, M. Brack (DNF). 16, Bauer (DNS).

B-Main 3: 1, Hansen. 2, Hellebust. 3, Flory. 4, Kuntz. 5, Paul. 6, Sandvick. 7, Hortness. 8, Dwight Burwick. 9, Barber. 10, Bradley. 11, Hollinger (DNF). 12, Rumble (DNF). 13, Jones (DNF). 14, Dahl (DNS). 15, Storjohann (DNF). 16, Mertz (DNF).

A-Main Feature (30 laps): 1, Pfeiffer. 2, Hansen. 3, Kent. 4, T. Gemmil. 5, Hellebust. 6, Strand. 7, Raynard. 8, C. Junghans. 9, A. Turnbull. 10, Noteboom. 11, Olson. 12, Dumas. 13, Kuntz (DNF). 14, Will Brack (DNF). 15, Seidler (DNF). 16, B. Gemmil (DNF). 17, Berry (DNF). 18, Donnelly (DNF). 19, Domagala (DNF). 20, Lee (DNF). 21, Flory (DNF). 22, Dart (DNF). 23, Alvarado (DNF). 24, Thome (DNF).

Pure Stocks

Heat 1: 1, Travis Olheiser, Dickinson. 2, Jeremey Binstock, Dickinson. 3, Lyndon Hinderer, Dickinson. 4, Mark Selle, Dickinson. 5, Terin Garwlyuk, Dickinson. 6, Schaun Olheiser, Dickinson. 7, Tyler Ashley, Bismarck. 8, Deen Brecht, Golden Valley. 9, Jesse Jahner, Dickinson (DNS).

Heat 2: 1, Zach Frederick, Hebron. 2, Cal Praus, South Heart. 3, Greg Wheeler, Glendive, Mont. 4, Brandon Miller, Glendive, Mont. 5, Brandon Deavy, Dickinson. 6, Monte Gawryluk, Dickinson. 7, Brandon Renner, Dickinson. 8, Leevon Pinnow, Baker, Mont.

Feature (12 laps): 1, T. Olheiser. 2, Frederick. 3, Praus. 4, T, Gawryluk. 5, B. Miller. 6, Binstock. 7, Brecht. 8, Wheeler. 9, M. Gawryluk. 10, Deavy. 11, S. Olheiser. 12, Ashley. 13, Pinnow. 14, Selle. 15, Renner. 16, Hinderer (DNF). 17, Jahner.

Wissota Street Stocks

Heat 1: 1, John Feist, Bismarck. 2, Josh Olheiser, Dickinson. 3, Travis Ulmer, Dickinson. 4, Richard Jordan, Dickinson. 5, Dylan Barnhardt, Washburn. 6, Brad Kadrmas, Jamestown. 7, Bill Miller, Plevna, Mont. (DNF). 8, Ryan Hugelen, Belfield (DNF).

Heat 2: 1, Trent Grager, Skyeston. 2, Geoff Hellman, Mandan. 3, Paul Decker, Dickinson. 4, Terry Zastoupil, Dickinson. 5, Jason Praus, Dickinson. 6, James Miller, Plevna, Mont. 7, Travis Sadowsky, Dickinson.

Feature (15 laps): 1, Feist. 2, Olheiser. 3, Ulmer. 4, B. Miller. 5, Grager. 6, Zastoupil. 7, Barnhardt. 8, Hellman. 9, Praus. 10, Kuntz. 11, Kadrmas. 12, Hugelen. 13, J. Miller. 14, Sadowsky (DNF). 15, Decker (DNF).

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