Seniors shine as Midgets host Moorhead

Swimming is unique in a way that teammates can cheer a competitor on from just a foot away, if not less. As senior Hannah Rathgeber turned into the final 25 yards of her 100-yard butterfly, a handful of Midgets shouted from the side of the pool i...

Swimming is unique in a way that teammates can cheer a competitor on from just a foot away, if not less.

As senior Hannah Rathgeber turned into the final 25 yards of her 100-yard butterfly, a handful of Midgets shouted from the side of the pool into her lane. Although Rathgeber finished in fifth place, the team erupted, because they knew that her time of one minute, 9.7 seconds qualified her for the state meet. Rathgeber posted state-qualifying times for the first time all season on Friday.

"It means a lot because it's my last year and I get to join the state team," the senior said. "I was a little worried (about not qualifying) senior year. Both my little sisters qualified so now it's all three Rathgebers going to state."

The Dickinson High girls swim and dive team finished with 64 points in a dual against Moorhead, who won with 122 points, on Friday, Oct. 26 at the West River Community Center.

While Rathgeber said the cheers were more obvious during her butterfly, she heard them during her 200-yard freestyle as well, placing third with a time of 2:12.36.


"You do hear them a lot, especially when I'm doing the butterfly and my head's above the water," Rathgeber said. "It gives you a lot of motivation to know that your team is cheering you on and rooting for you."

Rathgeber is one of six seniors, a large senior class for a team of its size. Also in the graduating group is Brianna Ashworth, Sydney Beld, Hillary Moberg, Gracie Morel and Kayla Paluck, most of which have spent the better half of their lives swimming.

"They bring a lot of excitement and unity," head coach Jenna Wolf said. "They're all there for each other. A lot of these girls have all been in swimming for 7-10 years as well, since they've been six, seven, eight years old. This group of girls, they've grown up together in the swimming world and seeing them finish the way they did this whole season, and how they've worked all season together and pushed every teammate on is a great thing to see."

Ashworth victored in the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 5:45.67. She shaved three seconds off her 100 butterfly time, placing fourth with a time of 1:06.96 and qualifying in the event. Ashworth has now qualified for the state meet in each individual event.

Junior Korie Riely also qualified in every event after she swam the 50 freestyle in 27.49 seconds on Friday.

"It's great to see that they have that versatility," Wolf said. "You can kind of use them anywhere. Some meets when we're short a swimmer in a certain event where you'd want some bigger scores, we know we can kind of put them anywhere."

Eighth-grader Charley Rathgeber finished second in both the 50 and 100 freestyle, while aiding in a first-place finish in the 400 freestyle relay with teammates Ashworth, Riely and Kara Wanner. Charley Rathgeber also helped Ashworth, Jaydin Decker and Hailey Rathgeber earn third in the 200 medley relay.

Senior divers Gracie Morel and Kayla Paluck placed sixth and eighth, respectively, while eighth-grader Teghan Hoff earned second and sophomore Decker finished fourth in the 1-meter dive.


Trimming three seconds off her 200-yard freestyle, Beld finished sixth with a time of 2:13.95.

"She did just miss qualifying in that one, but she's still been on pretty hard workouts," Wolf said. "(In the backstroke) she dropped two seconds, just missing qualifying by two."

Beld and the rest of the team still has a home invitational on Saturday, Oct. 27, as well as the West Region meet on Nov. 3 to post qualifying times. Although the Midgets will be back in the pool on Saturday, the seniors, as well as parents, were honored on Friday.

Moberg, who helped Dickinson relay teams place sixth in both the 200 medley relay and the 200 freestyle relay, said it was an emotional event, especially since she's been swimming for 10 years.

"I think I've cried like four times today just in anticipation," Moberg said. "In the moment, just walking across in front of everybody, I definitely shed a lot of tears looking at my teammates and knowing this is the last night."

Team scores: 1, Moorhead 122. 2, Dickinson High 64.

50 freestyle: 1, Emmy Sljevold, M, 26.11. 2, Charley Rathgeber, D, 26.54. 5, Korie Riely, D, 27.49. 6, Aryanna Twist, D, 28.19.

100 backstroke: 1, Sydney Olson, M, 1:07.75. 3, Jaydin Decker, D, 1:11.39. 5, Kara Wanner, D, 1:12.45. 6, Ericka Williams, D, 1:12.86.


100 breaststroke: 1, Aubrey Rodgers, M, 1:15.2. 3, Riely, D, 1:17.66. 5, Ali Merritt, D, 1:22.73.

100 butterfly: 1, Olson, M, 1:05.71. 4, Brianna Ashworth, D, 1:06.96. 5, Hannah Rathgeber, D, 1:09.7. 6, Reilly Meyer, D, 1:10.7.

100 freestyle: 1, Seljevold, M, 57.68. 2, C. Rathgeber, D, 58.42. 4, Kara Wanner, D, 1:00.78. 6, Mara Ellerkamp, D, 1:02.01.

200 freestyle: 1, Alayna Janke, M, 2:10.61. 3, H. Rathgeber, D, 2:12.36. 4, Hailey Rathgeber, D, 2:12.97. 6, Sydne Beld, D, 2:13.95.

200 individual medley: 1, Lydia Welle, M, 2:24.17. 4, Williams, D, 2:35.98. 5, Ellerkamp, D, 2:36.31. 6, Meyer, D, 2:37.98.

200 medley relay: 1, Moorhead (Maggie Howe, Abbie Ishaug, Janke, Seljevold), 2:00.97. 3, Dickinson (Decker, Ashworth, C. Rathgeber, Hai. Rathgeber), 2:02.48. 5, Dickinson B (Twist, Merritt, Han. Rathgeber, Beld), 2:10.65. 6, Dickinson C (Nyah Nolan, Ericka Williams, Hillary Moberg, Eve Popova), 2:27.34.

500 freestyle: 1, Ashworth, D, 5:45.67. 2, Ishaug, M, 5:53.66. 5, Hai. Rathgeber, D, 6:00.83. 6, Savanna Baranko, D, 6:12.25.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Dickinson (Hai. Rathgeber, Han. Rathgeber, Wanner, Riely), 1:50.03. 2, Moorhead 1:50.87. 4, Dickinson B (Twist, Williams, Meyer, Ellerkamp), 1:57.09. 6, Dickinson C (Baranko, Popova, Moberg, Merritt), 2:06.76.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Dickinson (Wanner, Ashworth, C. Rathgeber, Riely), 4:00.18. 2, Moorhead 4:13.13. 3, Dickinson B (Ellerkamp, Meyer, Beld, Baranko), 4:17.

1-meter diving: 1, Ellie Wachenheim, M, 191.7. 2, Teghan Hoff, D, 170.3. 4, Decker, D, 163.55. 5, Gracie Morel, D, 146.75. 8, Kayla Paluck, D, 133.4.

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