Rayleen Ortiz, a junior on the Dickinson State softball team hit two home runs and two doubles over four games against Dakota State, helping the Blue Hawks win three of the four games on Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22. She went 7-for-11 at the plate, was hit by a pitch and walked once.

DP: Where are you from and why did you choose DSU?

RO: "I'm from southern California, like the Los Angeles area. I chose DSU because of the school here and how it's just a small town, I love all of the small classrooms, and because of softball."

DP: How long have you been playing softball?

RO: "I've been playing softball since I was about seven years old."

DP: What do you enjoy most about softball?

RO: "I guess just the relationships that you grow within the team and how it's like one big family."

DP: What are the team goals for the season?

RO: "Our team goal is just to stay loose and to stay aggressive and to just keep going hard (every game)."

DP: Do you have any personal goals you'd like to achieve this year?

RO: "I just want to keep having fun and stay loose."

DP: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would you choose?

RO: "Mexican food."

DP: Who is your celebrity crush?

RO: "It's between Matt Kemp and Drake."

DP: What's your walk-up song?

RO: "It's called (Paramedic!). It's on the Black Panther album."

DP: What's your major?

RO: "Right now I'm in composite social science and looking into social work."

DP: Who has been your biggest inspiration to succeed?

RO: "My parents because they sacrificed a lot of things for me and I feel like I look up to them a lot. I'm really close to them and everything I do is for them."