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High School Athlete of the Week - Taya Hopfauf

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Dickinson freshman Taya Hopfauf clubs a pitch high in the zone during a contest against Bismarck Century on Tuesday, April 2, from the North Softball Complex. (Patrick Bernadeau/The Dickinson Press)3 / 3

Taya Hopfauf, a freshman catcher for the Dickinson High girls softball team, was the Midgets' best hitter during two games against Bismarck Century on Tuesday, April 2, and a pair of contests against Valley City on Saturday, April 2. Blasting home runs in three of the four games, Hopfauf had her strongest performance during a 12-2 victory against the Hi-Liners, as she went 4-for-4 with two home runs, six RBI and three runs scored. Over the course of those four games, Hopfauf went 10-for-14, with four homers, 10 RBI, two doubles and crossed home plate 11 times.

DP: The team is off to a slow start to the season. How can the team improve its fortunes?

TH: "To improve, we really need to find leadership within each of us and continue to take it one pitch, one inning at a time. Just work as a team."

DP: What are your personal goals and what are the team goals for the season?

TH: "As a team and personally, we all have actually written out individual goals. Personally, I want to continue to be able to be reliable as a hitter and to stay solid behind the plate. And as a team, we just want to be closer, stay with the leadership, and to achieve more than we have so far."

DP: Who is your funniest teammate?

TH: "Our funniest teammate is probably Mataya Mortensen."

DP: Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

TH: "My favorite athlete growing up was probably Jordie McNeilly. Although she's only a couple years older than me, I always looked up to her as a catcher and as an athlete and as a person in general."

DP: What's the last movie that you watched?

TH: "The last movie I watched was Sing."

DP: What is your favorite school subject?

TH: "My favorite subject in school is Math."

DP: Either/or: Snapchat or Instagram?

TH: "Snapchat."

DP: Country Music or Hip Hop?

TH: "Country."

DP: When eating a meal, what is most satisfying: the first bite or last bite?

TH: "The last bite."

DP: Are you a good dancer or a bad dancer?

TH: "I'm a bad dancer."

DP: Softball or any other sport?

TH: "Softball."

DP: What is your first sports memory?

TH: "My first sports memory is playing catch with my mom outside when I was like eight (years old), and I hit her in the head."

Patrick Bernadeau

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