Stroh, Olson, Truchan, LeMieux among winners at Memorial Day Rodeo

To Qwint Stroh, you can't have success in rodeo if you're not having fun. He had plenty of fun on Monday. Stroh won the saddle bronc event during the Dickinson High Memorial Day Rodeo with 69 points at Dickinson State's Agriculture Building Indoo...

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Qwint Stroh of Dickinson rides during the saddle bronc competition on Monday during the Dickinson High Memorial Day Rodeo at Dickinson State's Agriculture Building Indoor Arena. (Press Photo by Colton Pool)

To Qwint Stroh, you can’t have success in rodeo if you’re not having fun.

He had plenty of fun on Monday.

Stroh won the saddle bronc event during the Dickinson High Memorial Day Rodeo with 69 points at Dickinson State’s Agriculture Building Indoor Arena to further his lead on the North Dakota High School Rodeo Association standings in the event.

“For a kid who goes to rodeos, this is probably the most fun I’ve ever had,” the junior from Dickinson said. “For me, it’s my dream come true. I love it. It’s so fun.”

Though the rodeo was moved indoors from the DSU Outdoor Arena due to persistent rain throughout the day, Stroh wasn’t affected, as he looked in control throughout the entire ride.


The next closest finish was Wade Berg’s 49 points.

“Staying on is the biggest part,” Stroh said, “and having fun. If you’re not having fun, it’s hard to even do well. You’ve got to love what you’re doing, and that ride was awesome. It went really well.”

A lot has gone into Stroh’s success this season, he said, including working out and staying healthy with a little bit of luck on the broncs he draws.

He’s taken advantage of his opportunities and had a 30-point advantage in the event before the day even began, but Stroh said his competition has been tough and that the “state title is open for everybody.”

So a win in his hometown was a big help.

“You can’t really think of it as, ‘I’m going to go win,’” Stroh said. “You have to ride horse by horse and you have to go step by step and hope for the best. I think of every horse like every other horse.”

Jayden Olson of Taylor won the bareback riding with 63 points. He was the only cowboy to complete a ride in the event, but the junior extended his lead in the NDHSRA standings after having 90 points before the rodeo.

Also taking first place was Ty Truchan and Hayes LeMieux of Killdeer and Manning, respectively, in team roping. The due timed at 6.61 seconds, which was 1.5 seconds better than Jada Maher of McLaughlin, S.D., and Jade Boote of Binford, who clocked in at 8.81 seconds.


Before the day, LeMieux and Truchan had 52 points and were in third behind Nevada Berquist and Jesse Chase. But with Monday’s performance, Truchan and LeMieux move up to second.

Also from Killdeer, senior Lakken Bice took second in the barrel racing in 13.432 seconds

Though Bice said she wasn’t affected much by the move inside, her horse doesn’t normally ride well in shorter patterns like that of the indoor arena.

But Shaggy, named because he doesn’t lose his winter coat and stays “fuzzy” all year round, proved her otherwise, she said.

“He’s like a bigger horse, and he likes to stride out,” Bice said. “He’s pretty fast, but usually in bigger arenas they don’t get the chance to stretch out and run across. He was just quick with his feet today and made a nice run.”

Bice, who was also eighth in pole bending in 21.843 seconds, said she feels prepared after Monday’s rodeo to compete in the state show in barrel racing, pole bending and breakaway roping, though the senior admitted her career has gone by quick.

“I feel like I just started, but now I’m already a senior,” Bice said. “I can remember my freshman year like it was just a month ago. It’s kind of bittersweet. I’m definitely going to miss it, but I think I’m glad I can move on to a higher level of rodeo.”

With plenty of high school rodeo still ahead of her, freshman Karly Bang of Killdeer took second in the girl’s cow cutting with 71.5 points, which was only 1.5 points behind Makenna Sandstrom of Ray. Bang, who was fourth in the standings before the event, said it was one of her better finishes of the season.


“I rode my horse like I needed to, and I was calm. It just fell into place there,” Bang said. “I didn’t get nervous. When I get nervous with my feet, then my horse starts to get a little jittery and then things just fall apart from there. But I was relaxed, and he did his job and I did mine. Then it kind of clicked after that.”

Bang, who is second in the all-around standings with 200.5 points, was also fourth in the goat tying in 7.04 seconds, which was less than .6 seconds behind Cashae McGee of Rhame. Bang said her run was 1.3 seconds better than her personal best.

“That made me really happy,” Bang said. “Those all-around points help and having an all around good day.”

Bang, who said she would’ve had a good barrel race if it weren’t for a narrow corner on the second turn that ended up with a knocked over barrel and a time penalty, was also seventh in breakaway roping in 3.45 seconds.

“Breakaway, I needed some points,” Bang said. “I was sitting up there. I just needed to go out there and get something done, and that’s what I did.”

All together, Bang said the rodeo was a good day to build off of heading into the North Dakota state rodeo finals in Bowman starting on June 9. Hopefully, she said, with a good performance there, she can take her momentum into the high school national finals in Gillette, Wyo., in mid-July.

But it’s one step at a time at this point, she said.

“This is very good preparation,” Bang said. “I got done what I needed to here, so now I know what things I can do better and what things I can continue to thrive on. Hopefully state goes well, and then hopefully that earns me a trip to Gillette. I’ve just got to stay humble and go on with it.”

Bareback riding: 1, Jayden Olson, Taylor, 63.

Breakaway roping: 1, Ally Brown, Berthhold, 2.37. 2, Josie Vandenburg, Flasher, 2.48. 3, Bailey Berg, Mandan, 2.69. 4, Lauren Topp, Grace City, 3.38. 5, Jade Boote, Binford, 3.4. 6, Baili Nielsen, Beach, 3.45. 7, Karly Bang, Killdeer, 3.45. 8, Chance Kraft, Carsen, 3.71. 9, Hallie Ulberg, Berthold, 3.87. 10, Lacey Forsness, Gladstone, 4.78.

Tie down roping: 1, Jesse Chase, Mandaree, 10.06. 2, Seth Peterson, Minot, 11.19. 3, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 12.74. 4, Garrett LeMieux, Manning, 13.12. 5, Reese Hennessy, Des Lacs, 13.93. 6, Clayton Backhaus, Bismarck, 17.27. 7, Craig Peterson, Devils Lake, 24.09. 8, Rope Smith, Killdeer, 24.14. 8, Al Schwalbe, Beulah, 26.42. 9, Hunter Sandstrom, Ray, 29.17. 10, Nick Rettinger, Amidon, 30.22.

Barrel racing: 1, Abby Hepper, Keene, 13.38. 2, Lakken Bice, Killdeer, 13.432. 3, Sierra Schott, McLaughlin, 13.435. 4, Kassie Meyer, Plaza, 13.459. 5, Cashae McGee, Rhame, 13.466. 6, Cara Jo Hilzendeger, Baldwin, 13.513. 7, Lauren Topp, Grace City, 13.535. 8, Brooke Peterson, Minot, 13.557. 9, Carsen Balvitsch, Mandan, 13.561. 10, Sydney Graner, Huff, 13.568.

Steer wrestling: 1, Justin Dahl, Keene, 4.80. 2, Bridger Anderson, Carrington, 7.30. 3, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 9.91. 4, Keenan Pierce, Dickinson, 12.80. 5, Wade Berg, Chaffee, 14.21. 6, Logan Sailer, Hazen, 15.56. 7, Clayton Backhaus, Bismarck, 16.67. 8, Lane Kvien, Valley City, 17.94. 9, Sterling Lee, Rhame, 17.94. 10, Garrett Hoelscher, Ross, 18.12.

Saddle bronc: 1, Qwint Stroh, Dickinson, 69. 2, Wade Berg, Chaffee, 49. 3, Jake Leppell, Keene, 45.

Goat tying: 1, Cashae McGee, Rhame, 6.400. 2, Brooklyn Vollmer, Wing, 6.700. 3, Makenna Sandstrom, 7.040. 4, Karly Bang, Killdeer, 7.040. 5, Lacey Forsness, Gladstone, 7.120. 6, Cedar Kraft, Carson, 7.200. 7, Cassidy Smith, Bismarck, 7.270. 8, Madison Rotenberger, Ludlow, 7.340. 9, Lauren Topp, Grace City, 7.400. 10, Josie Vandenburg, Flasher, 7.560.

Team roping: 1, Ty Truchan, Killdeer, and Hayes LeMieux, Manning, 6.610. 2, Jada Maher, McLaughlin, S.D., and Jade Boote, Binford, N.D., 8.110. 3, Brendan Butterfield, Richardton, and Tyer Kress, Bismarck, 8.160. 4, Bridger Anderson, Carrington, and Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 8.170. 5, Cheyanne Berquist, Watford City, and Keenan Pierce, Dickinson 8.670. 6, Hunter Sandstrom, Ray, and Cara Jo Hilzendeger, 8.770. 7, Gannon Johnson, Lisbon, and Lane Kvien, Valley City, 13.090. 8, Reese Hennesy, Des Lacs, and Seth Peterson, Minot, 14.150. 9, Nevada Berquist, Watford City, and Jesse Chase, Mandaree, 21.160.

Pole bending: 1, Sierra Schott, McLaughlin, 21.142. 2, Vanessa Volk, Linton, 21.255. 3, Claire Granner, Mandan, 21.433. 4, Josie Vandenburg, Flasher, 21.473. 5, Katie Bitz, Oriska, 21.638. 6, Kelly Knoll, Mandan, 21.663. 7, Keaten Ell, Williston, 21.787. 8, Lakken Bice, Killdeer, 21.843. 9, Matteah Dworshak, Dickinson, 22.091. 10, Annie Praus, Dickinson, 22.091.

Bull riding: 1, Trenton Koch, Luverne, 67. 2, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 64. 3, Wade Berg, Chaffee, 56.

Girl’s cow cutting: 1, Makenna Sandstrom, Ray, 73. 2, Karly Bang, Killdeer, 71.5. 3, Cara Jo Hilzendeger, Baldwin, 71. 4, Eva Vangness, Walcott, 69. 5, Kylie Hildre, Velva, 69. 6, Josie Wicks, Richardton, 65. 7, Annie Praus, Dickinson, 64. 8, Libby Bateman, New Salem, 63.

Boy’s cow cutting: 1, Daniel Sagvold, McLeod, 73. 2, Hunter Sandstrom, Ray, 71.5 3, Lane Tokach, St. Anthony, 70. 4, Brendan Butterfield, Richardton, 66. 5, Keenan Kvamme, Carrington, 6, Niklaus Larson, Minot, 61.

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