Midgets win swimmingly: Dickinson girls swim team leaves Legacy in its wake


Before Brianna Ashworth even turned into the final 50 yards of her 200-yard freestyle race, cheers from spectators echoed and rang loud across the pool.

"Usually, I don't hear anything, but my Mom bribed me with Sakura if I got a 2:07," Ashworth said. "So I kind of tuned in and that helped push me to get that time."

Ashworth hit that mark, winning the event with a time of two minutes and 7.89 seconds, earning Japanese food and a new personal record. Her event victory helped the Dickinson girls swimming and dive team to an 111-75 win over Bismarck Legacy on Tuesday, Sept. 11, at the West River Community Center.

"Last year when we dualed them, we were within points of each other. I see a lot of our depth showing up this year, having that stronger depth and getting some of those middle points a bit more. Whereas last year, we were probably that sixth-place person and not getting that last point in an event," Dickinson girls swimming head coach Jenna Wolf said. "Having some of that depth across the board in every event allows us to pull ahead of some of these other teams."

Ashworth was not alone in her success, though. Bringing the cheers to an evening-high was a personal record-breaking swim by seventh grader Mara Ellerkamp in the 500-yard freestyle. Wiping more than 11 seconds off her time, Ellerkamp finished second in the event and qualified for the state meet with a time of 5:57.48.

"I think it helped being here at her home pool," Wolf said. "She had her brother timing and cheering her on. She looks up to both of her brothers who swim a lot. She was pretty elated about that, as were we."

The Midgets opened the meet with a win in the 200-yard medley relay, swum by Jaydin Decker, Charley Rathgeber, Kara Wanner and Ashworth.

Dickinson also won the 200 freestyle relay, which Hailey Rathgeber, Korie Riely, Wanner and Ashworth took part in. As the final swimmer, junior Riely stretched the advantage to nearly half the pool length, clocking in at 1:49.82, two seconds faster than the team's previous best time.

"All of our times were consistent, we were all 27's," Ashworth said. "The fact we all got a really fast time helped cut time."

Riely also competed in the 200-yard individual medley, taking second with a state-qualifying time of 2:25.63. The junior trimmed more than three seconds off her time in the event.

"That is a lot of time cut. You need that endurance in some of those longer events to cut that time per 50 (yards)," Wolf said. "That shows the amount of yards we're putting in is bringing that endurance up."

Dickinson eighth-grader Teghan Hoff had an outstanding day in the 1-meter dive, placing second with a score of 188.15, a new school record. Decker, who previously held the record, finished third with 171.85 points over six dives, while senior Gracie Morel earned fourth with a 129.6.

Decker was the victor in the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 1:10.42, while Ashworth triumphed in the 100 breaststroke.

Sophomore Hailey Rathgeber broke the one-minute barrier in the 100 freestyle, winning in 59.77 seconds. She also finished third in the 50 freestyle, fractions of a second behind eighth-grader Charley Rathgeber.

Bismarck Legacy sophomore Regan Minh won the 50-yard freestyle as well as the 100 butterfly.

Dickinson closed out the meet in style, taking the final victory in a tight 400-yard freestyle relay race.

When Charley Rathgeber entered the pool, she was at least a body length behind Legacy swimmer Hannah Zeien. By the time she finished her leg, the Midgets and Sabers were neck and neck.

Riely stayed even with Legacy's Nova Beckler-Bell, but going into the final 50 yards, Riely clocked in .33 seconds ahead. She held that advantage in the stretch, stopping the clock at 4:00.69, while Beckler-Bell rang in at 4:01.01.

"They have that want of, 'Okay we got this,' and putting that attitude into the pool and going for it," Wolf said. "Winning that last event, that 400 free relay, just puts a good end to the meet, a good taste that we finished that event strong. It's always a positive note to end on."

Dual versus Bismarck Legacy

Team scores: 1, Dickinson High 111. 2, Bismarck Legacy 75.

50 freestyle: 1, Regan Minh, BL, 26.84. 2, Charley Rathgeber, D, 27.15. 3, Hailey Rathgeber, D, 27.39. 5, Aryanna Twist, D, 28.39.

100 backstroke: 1, Jaydin Decker, D, 1:10.42. 2, Nova Beckler-Bell, BL, 1:11.57. 4, Hillary Moberg, D, 1:16.69. 5, Sydne Beld, D, 1:17.11.

100 breaststroke: 1, Brianna Ashworth, D, 1:13.47. 2, Korie Riely, D, 1:17.91. 3, Katie Gruman, BL, 1:22.16. 5, Savanna Baranko, D, 1:27.71.

100 butterfly: 1, Minh, BL, 1:06.15. 2, C. Rathgeber, D, 1:08.65. 3, Hannah Rathgeber, D, 1:11.51. 5, Reilly Meyer, D, 1:16.48.

100 freestyle: 1, Hai. Rathgeber, D, 59.77. 2, Hannah Zeien, BL, 1:00.19. 4, Twist, D, 1:04.96.

200 freestyle: 1, Ashworth, D, 2:07.89. 2, Kara Wanner, D, 2:12.91. 3, Bella Vilhauer, BL, 2:14.33. 4, Han. Rathgeber, D, 2:14.61.

200 individual medley: 1, McKayla Donat, BL, 2:24.4. 2, Riely, D, 2:25.63. 3, Mara Ellerkamp, D, 2:37.88. 5, Meyer, D, 2:46.04.

200 medley relay: 1, Dickinson A (Decker, Ashworth, C. Rathgeber, Wanner), 2:03.31. 2, Legacy A (Gabrielle Schuchard, Donat, Minh, Beckler-Bell), 2:04.88.

500 freestyle: 1, Donat, BL, 5:45.99. 2, Ellerkamp, D, 5:57.48. 4, Beld, D, 6:11.45. 5, Baranko, D, 6:20.59.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Dickinson A (Hai. Rathgeber, Ashworth, Wanner, Riely), 1:49.82. 2, Legacy A (Zeien, Gruman, Wiedmeier, Vilhauer), 1:57.2. 3, Dickinson B (Twist, Baranko, Han. Rathgeber, Ellerkamp), 1:57.38.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Dickinson A (Hai. Rathgeber, Han. Rathgeber, C. Rathgeber, Riely), 4:00.69. 2, Legacy A (Minh, Donat, Zeien, Beckler-Bell), 4:01.01. 3, Dickinson B (Ellerkamp, Meyer, Beld, Twist), 4:26.82.

1-meter diving: 1, Paige Davis, BL, 203.8. 2, Teghan Hoff, D, 188.15. 3, Jaydin Decker, D, 171.85. 4, Gracie Morel, D, 129.6.