Lexi Jordheim, a senior on the Dickinson High girls track and field team, was victorious in the pole vault during the Midgets' second meet of the season on March 29 from Williston High School. Jordheim won the event with a height of 10 feet, six inches. She also earned a runner-up finish in the high jump with a mark of five feet, one inch.

DP: How long have you been doing track and field?

LJ: "I've been doing track and field since seventh grade, but when I was little we did Hershey's track meets at the BAC, which were pretty much track meets for little kids. We did every event, we did softball throw, standing long jump, pretty much just tried out everything to see what we liked."

DP: What events do you compete in?

LJ: "I pole vault and I high jump. Both are very detail-oriented."

DP: What do you enjoy most about track and field?

LJ: "The event I do now (pole vault) I actually started about three years ago so I never got to try it until then. I like it just because it's so meticulous and there's so many things that you have to put together to create a full, good vault. I like just the perfection of it and working on every little thing."

DP: What's your personal goal for the year? Team goals?

LJ: "I think my personal goals are to hit 12 feet in the pole vault and 5 feet 5 inches in the high jump. For the team, we have a lot of really good girls, we have a lot of strong jumpers. On the track side were not necessarily so strong, but we have a lot of good field event girls. Hopefully we can get some big marks at state and hopefully place at least five people in the top five."

DP: Are you involved in any other activities at school?

LJ: "I did volleyball and basketball and track and I'm in National Honors Society."

DP: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would you choose?

LJ: "The potato just because it's so versatile."

DP: What's the last show you binged on Netflix?

LJ: "Friends, over and over again."

DP: What's your favorite movie?

LJ: "The Proposal."

DP: Who has been your biggest inspiration to succeed?

LJ: "My biggest inspiration to succeed is probably Jess Herauf who graduated from Dickinson High School about 10 years ago. She came from a little school and ended up going to the Big Ten and competing at the Olympic trials. She just really showed that it doesn't matter where you come from, if you're a little school, Class A, Class B, you can still make it big."