Dangerous wind chills likely this week

Below-average temperatures continue throughout the week

Expected wind chill values for Thursday Morning
Wind chill values as low as -60° will be possible on Thursday morning.
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Dangerously low wind chill values will be likely this week across southwestern North Dakota.

Wind Chill watch
A WIND CHILL WATCH is in effect beginning MONDAY EVENING
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Strong cold air will continue to move into the region early this week. A strong upper level trough will move out of the Rockies during the mid-week, and this will allow for even colder air to rush down into the region.

Though it will not be unusually windy in our region, when temperatures reach the values that is expected over the course of the week, wind chill values of -40° are easily obtainable with a light breeze.

The coldest days in our region this week will likely be Wednesday and Thursday with highs around -11° to -16°. Temperatures on Monday Night and Tuesday Night will likely reach as low as -18° to -22°. Low temperatures on Wednesday Night may reach as low as -23° to -27°.

Wind chill values on Monday Night may reach as low as -40° early Tuesday morning, as low as -45° on Wednesday, and then as low as -60° on Wednesday Night and early Thursday Morning.


Wind chill chart
Wind chill values for given winds and temperatures.
National Weather Service

Wind chill is what the temperature "feels like"; and your body will respond to wind chill. The windier and colder, the lower the wind chill. Thus, your body will respond to the outside air as if it was -60° even though the actual air temperature is -20°. At wind chill values of -40°, frostbite is possible within 10 minutes on exposed skin. At wind chill values of -60°, frostbite is possible within 5 minutes.

Sub-zero high temperatures will be likely beginning Monday and continuing through Friday, before temperatures rise back into the single digits for Saturday, and to around 9° to 13° by Christmas Day.

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