Extreme cold, life-threatening wind chill predicted for coming week


Temperatures are expected to be in the negatives as the highs for the coming week, with evenings experiencing severe lows in the -10s, and wind chill that could be life-threatening without precautions.

Starting Tuesday, the high is expected to be 0 degrees, with a high of -4 the next day and continuing through the week.

"Next week we have even colder air on the way," NWS Meteorologist Tyler Kranz said. "It pretty must lasts the entire week. The core of the coldest air would be arriving Tuesday night and staying through Thursday morning."

He added, "It's not like one or two really cold days, it's more like the entire work week."

Wind chill is also a great concern through the week.


"Widespread wind chills between 30 and 45 below zero can be expected," he said. "Again, that's not for one night, that's multiple nights."

Wind chill will be so low in the western part of the state, Kranz expects wind chill warnings. That means going outside could be life-threatening, especially with exposed skin.

Several rounds of light snow are also expected.

"Every 24 to 48 hours another short wave moves through the region and gives portion of the state a chance for light snow," Kranz said. "None of those rounds look to be heavy. No big snow storms or anything."

Kranz advised people to stay inside if possible, and take caution if going outside.

"If you're forced to be outside, make sure you wear at least three layers, if not more," he said. "Especially Tuesday night through Thursday morning. Then I would suggest maybe four layers or more."

A face mask is also advised.

"You could get frostbite pretty quickly, within 30 minutes or less," Kranz said.


Travelers should keep a winter survival kit that includes a blanket, warm clothing, water and nonperishable food items in case of emergencies, such as a break down or running out of gas, and rescue is not immediately possible.

Temperatures will warm slightly the week after, into the 10s, but wind chill could continue to be a concern.

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