NWS: Frigid temperatures expected to continue

With temperatures dropping into the negative teens, the forecast calls for more chills than thrills.

Frigid Temperatures, according to The National Weather Service are expected until Sun. February 14. (M.C. Amick/The Dickinson Press)

The cold is here to stay, at least for this week.

Meteorologist Alex Edwards, of The National Weather Service in Bismarck, said below zero temperatures are here to stay until mid-Sunday.

“We’re expecting this cold spell to last into the weekend. Sunday should begin a gradual rebound in temperatures, but through the rest of the week we are expecting these bitterly cold temperatures to remain in place,” Edwards said.

Dangerously cold wind chills will continue into the next week, according to Edwards, resulting in The National Weather Service extending the wind chill advisory to Sun. Feb. 14 at 11a.m.

Edwards attributed the current cold front to a mass of arctic air moving into North Dakota from Russia’s siberian tundra.


According to Edwards, the cold currently impacting North Dakota is much akin to the feel in a room when a refrigerator has been opened.

“The [fridge] door is wide open right now,” Edwards said.

Over the previous weekend, Edwards said the wind chill had reached a dangerously low temperature of -37, which was nearly 3 degrees lower than previously predicted.

The coming week’s forecast, according to The National Weather Service website, shows sunny skies on Tuesday which is expected to be slightly less frigid with a high of 2 accompanied by 10 to 17 mph and winds chill of around -35. Tuesday will end with partly cloudy skies, a low of -16, with northwest winds gusting 6 to 8 mph and carrying a wind chill of -30.

Wednesday is expected to begin with mostly sunny skies, a high of 1 with turbulent northwest winds fluctuating between 6 and 11 mph — slight chance of gusts projected above 18 mph. Wednesday night will close with mostly cloudy skies. The first flurries are expected after 11 p.m. and should continue into Thursday.

Thursday will bring a 20% chance of snow during the day as mostly cloudy skies bring a high of -4 as northwest winds remain between 7 and 10 mph — possible gusts up to 20 mph are a possibility. A low of -19 is expected Thursday evening, along with mostly cloudy skies and 10 mph northwest winds.

Cold and cloudy conditions will likely continue into Friday morning with a high of -4, northwest winds 9 to 15 mph, gusts up to 20 mph. Temperatures will drop as Friday evening approaches. Temperatures are expected to reach a low of -17 as northwest winds bring 6 to 9 mph speeds.

The weekend weather will not be for the faint of hearts or for outdoor activities as it is expected to hover around a high of 1, with west winds 7 to 13 mph and gusts up to 22 mph on Saturday. Temperatures will once again drop sharply into Saturday evening with a low of -15, North winds at 9 mph moving into the south as the evening progresses. Gusts up to 18 mph may be expected. As the weekend winds down on Sunday, above zero temperatures are expected to return with a high of 9, partly sunny skies, southeast winds 8 to 14 mph, gusts up to 23 mph.

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