Warm weather expected through week


A warm front that started Friday afternoon means warm weather through the coming week, according to the National Weather Service office in Bismarck.

This weekend into Monday and Tuesday, high temperatures in 40s are expected, and Monday could even exceed 50 degrees.

After, it gets colder again, with Wednesday through Friday experiencing temperatures in the range of 30 degrees.

"The next four days it's highs in the 40s, and the next three days highs in the low- to mid-30s," NWS Meteorologist Tyler Kranz said.

The cause is a warm front presently moving through southwest North Dakota.


"The warm front is ushering in those warmer temps well into the 40s, and the overall weather patterns stays kind of stagnant for the next four days," Kranz said. "That's why you're not seeing a drastic change with the temps."

A drop in temperatures Tuesday night through Wednesday morning could mean some frost and ice, but not necessarily snow, Kranz added.

Such highs are not uncommon for the time of year.

"It's not unheard of, but it is above average," Kranz said. "Our average highs for this time of year for the area would be in the upper-30s right now. Give it a week, and those average highs drop in the mid- to low-30s."

He added, "It is a bit warmer than normal, but not by so much it's shocking."

With such temperatures, wind chill or extreme cold should not be a concern for the coming week.

"I don't see any big storms on the horizon, and that goes for both rain and snow and ice," Kranz said. "The worst weather would be that Tuesday night, Wednesday morning time frame and even that doesn't look too bad right now."

Further east, Kranz said, there is expected to be some fog and drizzle.


"In Dickinson, that's not quite the case," he said. "Overall, the forecast is pretty good."

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